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Tin Backsplash Tiles | Decorative Ceiling Tiles
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Tin Backsplash Tiles | Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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  • Use

    Interior cladding
  • Applications

    Kitchen, bathrooms, decoration
  • Characteristics

    Durable, low-maintenance, rust-free
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Decorative Ceiling Tiles

More about this product

Decorative Ceiling Tiles makes backsplash tiles from real metal, they are extremely durable, easy to clean and will never rust. Backsplashes are typically a vertical extension of a counter and are most often found in kitchen and bathroom design. They can also look great in a finished basement, bar, or other room that just needs a bit more light.


Tin backsplashes can effectively protect the wall from unintended splashes of water from the sink. The primary purpose of a backsplash is functionality, however, there are a few other reasons you should have a tin backsplash installed in your kitchen or bathroom:

  • Style and Design
    With many different colors, types, styles, and designs available, design possibilities are endless.
  • Safety and Hygiene
    A metal backsplash is a sanitary choice for a kitchen because they are extremely easy to clean and offer a relatively inexpensive and affordable backsplash option. It is also safe to use behind a stove.
  • Maintenance
    While the right backsplash is a very practical addition that can help cut down on the time it takes you to clean. Simply wipe down the backsplash with a damp sponge or cloth. No more scrubbing at the wall and worrying about ruining the paint.
  • Longevity
    When you use a backsplash to protect the walls in your kitchen and bathroom, you are also minimizing the risk of the walls becoming dirty and stained. Without a backsplash, you can face water damage, the increased risk of mold and mildew growth, and stains from food and liquid spatter.
  • Protection
    A backsplash will effectively seal and protect the walls beneath the tile and when properly sealed, will be impervious to any moisture.

Choosing the Right Backsplash

Decorative Ceiling Tiles offer several popular types of backsplashes. You will have to find the style, cut, and color that works best for your style and décor. When deciding on the height of the backsplash, you will most likely go for a standard counter height which measures from the countertop to the cabinet in the kitchen. However, you can also opt for a full-height backsplash if you are looking to create more of a statement and focal point for the space that measures beyond the standard countertop and cabinet measurements

How to Install

  1. Plan your layout and desired height
  2. Calculate the total number of materials you will need
  3. Before applying the backsplash, thoroughly clean the wall
  4. Apply the adhesive and grout per the manufacturer's instructions
  5. Measure and cut the tiles properly before placing them

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Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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