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3D Rendering Software - Free Trial | Lumion

  • Use

    Architectural visualization
  • Applications

    Rendered images, videos, 360° panoramas
  • Characteristics

    Fast rendering speeds, intuitive user experience, compatibility with most design software, real-time rendering, photorealistic and conceptual views, large objects and materials library, fits within any workflow or practice
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More about this product

Lumion is not a typical architectural visualization software. With Lumion as part of the user's design and visualization workflows, it becomes refreshingly easy to convey how a design will translate into real-life experiences, and how the interaction between people, setting, and architecture can ignite a range of meaningful emotions in your viewers and clients. Lumion offers a 14-day free trial for users with limited features to easily try out their software, as well as a professional trial specifically for businesses that are wanting to experience Lumion's full capabilities.

Model design by Adam Ingram (Ark Visuals).

Lumion Software

Who is it for
No matter if you work on residential, commercial, interior, landscape, or other architectural design projects, you can instantly connect your 3D or CAD software to Lumion and start creating.

How to use

The software seamlessly connects to current design and CAD software, allowing you to import your own 3D model to render. Use Lumion's intuitive scene-building experience to easily create the desired environment, with thousands of objects and materials to choose from in Lumion's content library. Choose from dozens of atmospheric and cinematic effects to create specific moods for your project.

Users don’t need to be visualization experts to create professional, client-ready renderings. Lumion’s simple, intuitive interface saves time as users master the basics and start rendering in less than 15 minutes. If you would like more assistance, Lumion has a large amount of video tutorials and an extensive knowledge base to help you create the desired renders.


  • Render images in seconds and movies in minutes
  • Tools for fast workflows
  • Photorealistic materials library
  • Convincing realistic and artistic effects
  • LiveSync for Revit or SketchUp sets up a real-time
  • Helps with project iteration and collaboration
  • Ability to model large projects
  • Compatibility with most architectural software

Lumions Free Trials

  • Lumions Free General 14-Day Trial
    The 14-day free trial can be downloaded from Lumion's website, to download it you need to fill out a simple form, and make sure to review Lumion’s system requirements to ensure a smooth experience when running the software. Note: The free public trial of Lumion only contains 15% of the full content library and it doesn’t include several features, including OpenStreetMaps, Panorama Mode, MyLumion, and the Lumion Viewer.

  • Professional Trial - Exclusive for Business
    If users need a deeper dive into the software, to explore all capabilties to decide if it is well suited for their business, Lumion also offers a free and unrestricted Professional Trial for businesses, allowing them to get a complete overview of Lumion’s benefits in speed, ease, and quality. To get this trial license, find a local partner on the website and ask for a Professional Trial.

Get Support with Customer Care

When rendering with Lumion, users never render alone. Whether you have a question about a feature or need to talk to a real person to solve an issue, the Customer Care team is ready to help. With a Lumion license, you gain access to the fast and friendly global Customer Care team for all technical and license questions. Support is available Monday through Friday (in English). If users want to explore Lumion with someone who speaks their local language, they can contact one of Lumion's trusted partners that operate in 157 countries/territories. If you are a full-time student or faculty member, you may be able to get the free educational version.

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