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Facing Bricks - Ultima RT 159 | Randers Tegl
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Facing Bricks - Ultima RT 159 | Randers Tegl

  • Use

    Exterior/interior brickwork
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, industrial, cultural
  • Characteristics

    Soft molded, contributes to good indoor climate, durable, environmentally friendly
  • Sizes

    468 x 108 x 38 mm

More about this product

Randers Tegl clay bricks have been developed through the experience of many generations working with clay. The company runs brick-work production thought Denmark. The Ultima range of soft-molded bricks have an exclusive format; Ultima has the length of two ordinary bricks and a height of just 38mm. The long format creates a unique and distinctive expression.

Ultima RT 159

RT 159 Ultima | Randers Tegl


Interior walls made of clay bricks such as Ultima from Randers Tegl help create a pleasant indoor climate, as they store heat and cool air. In winter, the walls offer warmth, while on a hot summer day they have a cooling effect. Houses made entirely out of brickwork require less energy for heating.

  • Durability
    An interior wall made of bricks does not deteriorate as quickly as other materials. It has higher durability and reduces the risk of cracks.
  • 100% Natural
    Brick is a clean natural material that doesn't impact on the environment. Bricks are fired at temperatures so high that organic materials are eradicated.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    A house made entirely of bricks is an investment, and it pays off in the short-term and long-run. The extra cost of an internal wall made of bricks can be held down.
  • Heat Storage and Air Cooling
    Brick is a heavy material that stores heat and cool air. Thus the indoor climate is very pleasant and you save energy.
  • Balanced Air Humidity
    Bricks can easily absorb humidity, as they have a surface which is more diffusion-open than other materials.
  • Dry and Healthy
    Bricks are 100% inorganic and absorb humidity better than other materials used in construction. This combination minimizes the risk of mildew and dust mites.
  • Acoustics
    Brick is a heavy material, which offers the best noise absorption between the individual rooms. Noise coming from outside is likewise insulated, thanks to thick walls.


This brick is also available in a GREENER version. GREENER is Randers Tegl's line of sustainable bricks produced with electricity from wind and biogas. The result is bricks with 50 % less environmental impact – but with all the technical qualities that characterises modern bricks and tiles.

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