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Outdoor Wall Lights | Louis Poulsen
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Outdoor Wall Lights | Louis Poulsen

  • Use

    Exterior artificial lighting
  • Applications

    Residential, public hotel, cultural, educational, retail
  • Characteristics

    Exterior lighting, choice of light source and finish, various designs available

More about this product

Louis Poulsen Outdoor Wall lights come in a variety of designs:

  • Nyhavn Wall
    The conical shade ensures comfortable light that is directed downwards in a wide beam. The shade interior has a white matt painted surface, ensuring uniform light distribution. The rings ensure that stray light is controlled, and direct a small amount of light onto the top side of the shade for self-illumination.
  • Skot Wall
    The fixture is available with two types of distribution: symmetric or asymmetric. The asymmetric is only recommended for wall mounting. The opal diffuser creates a soft light distribution.
  • PH Wall
    This fixture is designed based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the light downwards. The shades have a matt white painted inside to ensure diffuse, comfortable light distribution.
  • Toldbod 290 Wall
    The light is directed 100% downwards and the shade has a matt white painted interior emitting a soft, diffused, comfortable light. The fixture fulfills full cut-off criteria.
Nyhavn Wall Skot Wall PH Wall Toldbod 290 Wall
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Finish Copper, brushed or white, wet painted. Aluminum colored or graphite with textured surface, powder-coated. Copper, brushed. Aluminum colored with textured surface or black with textured surface, powder-coated.
Sizes and weight 310 x 225 x 445 Max 4.1 kg 239 x 155 x 239 Max 3.0 kg 450 x 290 x 505 Max 6.8 kg
  • 220 x 255 x 345 Max 2.8 kg
  • 290 x 300 x 445 Max 6.9 kg
Light source 1x100W E27
  • LED 3000K 8.5W
  • LED 4000K 8.5W
1x100W E27
  • 1X70W HIE/HIT (CRI) E27 Conv.
  • LED 3000K 27W
  • LED 4000K 27W
  • Ingress protection IP44
  • Electric shock protection I w. ground.
  • Ingress protection IP66.
  • Electric shock protection II w/o ground. IK10.
  • Ingress protection IP23.
  • Electric shock protection I w. ground.
  • Ingress protection,
    • Ø 220: IP43, IK09.
    • Ø 290: IP44, LED: IP65, IK08.
  • Electric shock protection I w. ground.

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