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Vertical Retracting Doors - Panora View | Libart
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Vertical Retracting Doors - Panora View | Libart

  • Use

  • Applications

    Commercial, residential, industrial
  • Characteristics

    Large span glass openings, vertical retraction, doesn't take space for operation mechanism, custom designs available

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More about this product

Libart Vertical Retracting Doors, known as Panora-View doors have large spans of glass, vertically retracting frames (up to 6m) to provide an unobstructed view and maximum use of building openings. The retracting doors start as a glass wall that virtually disappears to create a door function by sliding up or down, without taking up any space for its operation.

Benefits of Vertical Retracting Doors

  • Wide Horizontal doors
  • Seamless Entrance
  • Conserves floor space
  • Easy mobility
  • State-of-the-art acoustics


Panora View Doors | Libart Panora View Doors | Libart Panora View Doors | Libart
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  • Grab attention at first sight
  • Blends interior and exterior
  • Vertical retracting frames up to 6m
  • Modern concept of architectural doors
  • Freedom from structural constraints


  • Architects:
    Libart degreed and licensed Mechanical Engineers and Application Specialists are on staff to provide direct selection, planning, and design assistance
  • Contractors:
    Can use these innovative vertical retracting doors in their projects to ensure the best outcome
  • Commercial:
    Provide seamless entrance to an operating space through the use of next-generation doors

Latest projects with this product:

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