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Fireplaces - Eurofocus | Focus
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Fireplaces - Eurofocus | Focus

  • Use

    Wood/gas-burning interior fireplace
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, hospitality
  • Characteristics

    Recyclable, energy efficient, easy installation, easy maintenance, exceptional heat output, adaption parts made to measure
  • Format

    Free-standing, fixed/pivoting
  • Colors

    Matt black
  • Certification


More about this product

Focus fireplaces are made in France and a number of them are highly energy-efficient. The Eurofocus 951 is a free-standing fireplace with an audacious yet sober air that won it the “Mercure du Design” award in Paris. The model can be placed centrally in a room, in a corner or against a flat wall.

Wood Fire

  • A free-standing model supported by a base; can be supplied as a fixed or pivoting (360°) fireplace.
  • The door consists of a full glass panel.
  • A second tinted interior glass panel serves as a supplementary smoke chamber.

Heating by burning wood is, along with solar heating, among the least polluting for the planet. Wood is a renewable energy source because it can be replenished relatively rapidly, especially in contrast to fossil fuels. All the wood-burning models have undergone extensive testing in European testing laboratories to provide real performance indicators (nominal heat output, efficiency, level of CO, etc.) for each model. Fireplaces that have a thermal efficiency equal to or more than 70% may be eligible for a tax credit in certain countries.

Gas Fires

  • Free-standing fireplace
  • Both the electronic mechanism for the burner and the gas supply system are built into the base.
  • Operated by remote control (lighting, programming, adjustment, etc.)
  • Batteries allow continued operation in case of a power cut
  • Combustible: natural gas or propane
  • Decorative logs or ceramic pebbles
  • Guaranteed efficiency with a minimum distance of 5 m between the burner and the terminal (at the extremity of the flue outlet)

Focus gas fireplaces (all CE-certified) display their nominal heat input. Closed gas fires are particularly efficient for heating and have no constraints involving loading wood, removing ash, spark protection, and so on. Equipped with remote control, they are easily adjustable and easy to use. In the case of a power outage, they continue to operate and provide heat independently of an electric power source.


Wood Gas Propane
Nominal heat output 8 - 14 KW 9 KW 7,8 KW
Consumption 0,89 M3/H 0,31 M3/H
Efficiency 75 %
CO output 0,09 %
Dust 11 MG/M3

Ecology and Environment

Focus is a member of the Union of Renewable Energy (SER: Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables).

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