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Display Case - C-Class | Goppion
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Display Case - C-Class | Goppion

  • Use

    Museum installations
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Metal framed, high airtightness, rotating or tilting doors
  • Format

    Vertical or horizontal display cases

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More about this product

Goppion designs, develops and builds display cases and museum installations. The company works with curators and exhibit designers to develop solutions to individual projects with a collaborative approach.

C-class custom-made display cases are vertical or horizontal metal-framed display cases, featuring rotating or tilting glass doors. They have high airtightness.


  • Cv1
    Medium-sized and large freestanding, wall-standing, wall-mounted or recessed display cases with door rotating on a vertical axis.
  • Cv2
    Medium-sized and large wall-mounted and wall-standing display cases, door rotating on a horizontal axis (tilting).
  • Ch1
    Freestanding horizontal display cases that can be very large, with bonnet rotating on a horizontal axis (tilting), medium to high airtightness.
  • Ch2
    Freestanding small and medium-sized display cases, with front-operated bonnet rotating on a horizontal axis, medium to low airtightness.

Goppion Display Case - C-Class


Name Rotation type Format Dimensions
Cv1 type Rotating open on a vertical axis

Vertical wall-standing or freestanding

Height: <2,400
Length: <3,000 (per door)
Depth: <1,200
Door Mechanism: 100
Cv2 type Tilting upwards on a horizontal axis Vertical wall-standing Height: <1,200
Length: <4,000
Depth: <600
Door Mechanism: 100
Ch1 type Tilting upwards on a horizontal axis Horizontal table display Height: <1,200
Length: <4,000
Depth: 900
Door Mechanism: 100
Ch2 type Tilting upwards on a horizontal axis, operated from the front Horizontal table display Height: <1,200
Length: <2,400
Depth: 900
Door Mechanism: 100


Goppion uses ecologically-correct methods and makes efforts to use sustainable materials as well as research new materials and manufacturing processes with low environmental impacts. Goppion designs cases to last over time to reduce the need for replacement and recycling of industrial products.

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