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Porcelain Tiles - Coverlam Moma | Grespania
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Porcelain Tiles - Coverlam Moma | Grespania

  • Use

    Interior, exterior
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, impervious, fire resistant, stain resistant, chemical resistant, high bending strength, scratch resistant, impact resistant
  • Format

  • Sizes

    5.6mm thick: 1200x3600mm, 1200x2600mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x600m | 3.5mm thick: 1000x3000

More about this product

The new Coverlam Moma collection is made for modern, functional spaces; whether private or public, indoors or outdoors.

Coverlam by Grespania is a range of products made of natural raw materials, with mechanical properties. The cement-look finish of the Moma collection is on-trend for casual interiors and it provides color and texture without overloading a space.

Colors & Finishes

The tiles come in two finishes, Moma and Arken. Arken is only available in a grey tone to perfectly recreate the finish of cement formwork. Combining an Arken piece with a grey Moma base tile lends an air of realism to projects.

Grey Sand Sienna Anthracite
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Using laminate pressing technology, large format porcelain tiles with a thickness of only 3.5mm are possible whilst still retaining their mechanical and visual properties. Grespania Coverlam is manufactured in sizes of up to 1200x3600 mm and cut down to smaller formats for sale. In the case of 3.5mm tiles, the Coverlam porcelain tile is mounted on a 0.5mm-thick fiberglass mesh backing to give it a much higher mechanical resistance.


3.5 mm 7.8 kg/m2
5.6 mm 14 kg/m2

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