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How to Design a Sustainable Wood Façade | Technowood
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How to Design a Sustainable Wood Façade | Technowood

  • Use

    Construction and decoration material
  • Applications

    Façade systems, wall and ceiling cladding
  • Characteristics

    Environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, long lifecycle
  • Certification

    EC declaration of conformity, A2 class fire rating, FSC
  • Guarantee

    20-year warranty

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In the construction industry, wood is often harvested from trees which take almost 100 years to mature, sustainable forestry is now widely practiced however does not take into account the unpredictability of wood consumption levels 100 years from now. This is why Technowood has paired sustainable forestry practices in line with FSC guidelines with their revolutionary method of applying natural wood veneers to durable materials; thus also addressing the issue of high consumption.

Environmental Stance

Technowood's stance on environmental issues is at the forefront of its development of products and management of resources. The company believes that humankind is a part of nature however with the unusual power to manipulate and use the resources that make up the natural world to improve quality of life. Today, this power has gone beyond the use of what is necessary for human health and has become luxury consumption. Wood especially is a widely used natural material however it is still very necessary for our survival.

With this in mind, Technowood has approached its use of wood sensitively by making developments that obtain 'more product with less tree' whilst still using natural wood.

Reduced Consumption

Technowood products are made by applying wood veneers to durable materials this reduces the consumption of solid wood by 98% and increases its life expectancy by more than 5 times.

The products can be used in all places where traditional wood products can and the various details and profiles available means that Technowood can be used in projects requiring specific measurements difficult to achieve with other wood products.

Sustainable Forestry

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) provides guidelines for forest management including water quality protection to protect and maintain natural communities and forests with high conservation values. They prohibit the harvest of rare old-growth forest, prevent loss of natural forest cover and prohibit highly hazardous chemicals.

Case Study: Tasigo Thermal Hotel

Location Turkey
Architects GAD Architecture

Environmentally-Friendly Wood Façades

With Technowood:

Amount used Solid Wood Usage (with 30% wastage) Trees needed
80x40 mm Technowood Profile 50,000 m 57.20 m3 191
200x20 mm Technowood Siding 15,000 m2 85.80 m3 286
Total 143.00m3 477

With Solid Wood:

Amount used Solid Wood Usage (with 45% wastage) Trees needed
80x40 mm Solid Teak Wood Profile 50,000 m 2,320.00 m3 7,734
200x20 mm Solid Teak Wood Siding 15,000 m2 4,350.00 m3 14,500
Total 6,670.00 m3 22,234

By using Technowood:

  • 21,757 trees saved from cutting
  • That means approximately 13.60 Hectares of Forest Area for just one Project.
  • Percentage of trees saved: 97.86%

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