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Interior Thermowood | Lunawood
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Interior Thermowood | Lunawood

  • Use

  • Applications

    Interior cladding, saunas, spas
  • Characteristics

    Dimensional stability, antibacterial, non-toxic, resin-free, thermal insulation
  • Sizes

    Luna Triple Shadow 32x140, Luna Dual Shadow 26x142, Luna Femma 26x142, Luna Aalto 32x142, Luna SHP 42x42/68/92/140, Luna TGV 17x188, Luna Panel System 19x68/117/165
  • Certification

    PEFC certification label, TMT certification label (The International ThermoWood Association), International KOMO certification, BRE label (Building Research Establishment Limited)

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More about this product

Lunawood Thermowood products are ideal interior materials with natural, vivid textures and beautiful brown-tones of Nordic Spruce and Pine. Visual effects can be created with battens and panels with versatile surface textures and round or butterfly-shaped knots. The knots and cracks give Lunawood Thermowood its natural appeal with a rustic look for interior products.


Luna Triple Shadow

Luna Triple Shadow 32x140 Thermo-D WW
-Gives a 3D batten effect for interior walls, ceiling, and facades due to its deep grooves
-Faster installation compared to installing
-Individual battens

Luna Dual Shadow

Luna Dual Shadow 26x142 Thermo-D WW
-A mock-grooved panel for interior walls, ceiling, and facades
-Easy installation

Luna Femma

Luna Femma 26x142 Thermo-D WW
-A traditional panel product with five-fingers
-Modern twist with 10 mm groove and flattened top

Luna Aalto Luna Aalto 32x142 Thermo-D RW
-Beautiful wave-shaped profile gives a 3D effect for interior and exterior
-Smooth and planed surface with butterfly knots
Luna Battens Luna SHP 42x42/68/92/140 Thermo-D RW
-Planed battens are a multiuse solution for any interior
-Different depths as well as a play of lights and shadows are obtained
-Installation with LUNAFIX Installation System
Luna TGV Luna TGV 17x188 Brushed Thermo-S WW
-Wide rustic panel of Nordic Spruce
-Appealing brushed surface
Luna Panel System

Luna Panel System 19x68/117/165 Thermo-D RW
-Contemporary design with 3 mm shadow line
-Play with the different widths of the Panel
-System profiles

Thermowood is highly suitable for wood panelling and partition walls. Ceilings and floors with Lunawood help to even the soundscape in interiors. The boards are light, easy to cut, shape, and install. In addition to its attractive appearance, the thermal modification of wood eliminates the risk of harmful emissions such as formaldehyde. This makes the wood pure, safe and hygienic for indoor use even for those prone to wood-related reactions. Thermowood has antibacterial properties, which makes it an outstanding material for public spaces.

Thermowood is a beautiful, sustainable wood material produced using natural methods; heat and steam. It is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and non-toxic. Resin is removed during the thermal modification process making the resin-free Nordic wood optimal for interior use. Lunawood produces Thermowood from Scandinavian PEFC-certified pine and spruce from Finland. It can be used indoors or outdoors, in any climate. Lunawood is an eco-friendly natural product that is easy to machine and install.

Sauna and Spa

The lower thermal conductivity and improved stability of thermally modified wood make Lunawood an excellent product in hot and humid environments. Furthermore, it is a hygienic material without resin and this broadens the variety of end uses and applications. Thermowood is one of the most used materials in saunas and is excellent for spa interiors.


Lunawood Type Main feature Application Average tangential swelling EN 113 Class
LunaThermo-D Durability Exterior 5-6% durable (class 2)
LunaThermo-S Stability Interior 6-8% Relatively durable (class 3)

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