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Puro Washbasin | Kaldewei

  • Use

  • Applications

    Double washbasin
  • Characteristics

    Generous interior dimensions
  • Format

    Handbasin, built in, inset countertop, under-counter

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More about this product

Puro is an elegant rectangular washbasin in a classically minimalist design like the rest of the Kaldewei bathroom range. Its clean edges are reduced and precise thanks to the long-lasting Kaldewei steel enamel which in turn allows for very generous interior dimensions. A Puro bath series is also sold by Kaldewei for a matching set. Anke Salomon, the designer of this sink has designed other Kaldewei products which are characteristically minimalist with clean lines and elegant style.


Model No. 3156 3157 3158 3168
External length 460 mm 600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm
Internal length 421 mm 561 mm 860 mm 1159.5 mm
External width 460 mm 460 mm 460 mm 460 mm
Height of rim 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm

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