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Ceramic bathroom creations since 1955. Exclusively made in Italy, developing modern, cutting-edge trends which will set the pace for the future. ln 1961 the founding Society of Italian Manufacturers of Sanitary Articles (Simas) purchased its first tunnel-kiln, about 50 meters long, and fuelled with diesel. In 1967, another larger kiln measuring 70 meters in length was built, and glazing technology changed from bath emersion to aerosol spray painting. The years between 1972 and 1973 witnessed significant changes in the company: a new 110 meter-long diesel-fuelled kiln, still used today, was installed, along with a production line consisting of over 7 km of drying space and conveyer-belts. Since 1979, production has been in full swing, and at the beginning of the 19805, the assembling and varnishing processes were automated with the introduction of a robotic airbrush. With the onset of the 9os, machinery and automation was upgraded and replaced. In 2004, a new page was turned: from a small company with limited responsibility, Simas became a corporation with 70 shareholders and 125 employees. 250 thousand pieces are produced annually, covering an extended market and distributed throughout the country. 12 July 2005, the 5oth anniversary of Simas: a refitting and restyling of the headquarters in Civita Castellana, based on blue and transparent glass in line with “Simas Acqua Space”, the launch of Spazio Simas in Milan, a meeting forum for both architects and designers, for work and leisure, and the publication of a dedicated Memorandum. Simas: a company with an increasingly important focus on inspired contemporary design, beginning first in the 19705. For a decade, Simas has collaborated with the Californian designer Terri Pecora, and recently added architect Simone Micheli to its ranks. Special attention has long been placed in communication, comissioning innovative adveritsing campaigns and sophisticated catalogues specially targetting architects and designers. Last, but not less important for Simas, the sponsoring and support of cultural and academic events. Simas, today as in its early years, is comprised of many diverse people who strive to produce and create innovative and inspired products, based on their multi-faceted talents and skills. Together, for the setting of trends. Exclusively made in Italy.


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