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Once upon a time Jukka Setälä, a designer from Golla (Finland), was listening to the edgy tunes of Fatboy Slim (no, really!) while designing the 21st century beanbag. This combination of activities resulted in an oversized beanbag of the highest quality with a cheeky huge label on the side. Fatboy® the original was born.
Dutchman Alex Bergman happily adopted this cute oversized 'baby'​ in 2002. He intuitively saw a great future lying ahead for this one and started the brand 'Fatboy®.
Since the launch on the Dutch market in 2002, the design of Fatboy® proved to sell itself. Within 10 years Fatboy® successfully conquered country after country without using voodoo or cunning marketing tricks.
The only trick in the book was, and still is, to always treat Fatboy® as an established brand and to only act upon opportunities when it's good for Fatboy®.
And now.. there's no stopping the Fatboy® family tree! Gigantic lamps, über-sized umbrellas, magical hammocks and outdoor chandeliers, all designed in the name of a wonder-fuller life.
Selling in over 50 countries and every continent, plus a USA branch...keep your eyes peeled because it is only the start of the Fatboy® legacy.


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