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The best architecture of the year

5 Best Articles of 2019

This year we published thousands of fascinating informative posts. These are the stand-outs.

  • Bringing the Outdoors Inside: The Benefits of Biophilia in Architecture and Interior Spaces

    If a person were to imagine a setting of complete relaxation, odds are the first image that comes to mind is a place surrounded by nature, be it a forest, the mountains, the sea, or a meadow. Rarely does one imagine an office or a shopping mall as a source of comfort and relaxation. Still, the majority of people spend almost 80-90 % of their time indoors, going back and forth from their houses to their workplaces.

    What is biophilic design? »
  • What is the Future of Concrete in Architecture?

    Concrete is the second-most used material on earth. It is also the second-largest emitter of CO2, with cement manufacturing accounting for 5 to 7 percent of annual emissions. The continued popularity of concrete as a material of choice in the design and construction industry, coupled with increasing unease of the environmental consequences, has put concrete firmly in the spotlight of innovation and experimentation. As a result, designers, architects, and researchers around the world are generating multiple visions for what the future of concrete in architecture could look like.

    Learn more about trends and innovations shaping the future of concrete. »
  • 6 Steps for Designing Healthy Cities

    By some estimates, cities consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy, and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions: a figure sure to increase as the global migration from rural to urban areas continues. In the pursuit of exploring new models for how healthy cities could more effectively sustain these demands, Dutch design and research studio FABRICations has investigated how cities of the Netherlands can reduce carbon emissions through new design-led approaches.

    How healthy a city can be? »
  • The Creative Process of the Four Pioneers of Modern Architecture

    The Architectural realm has always been torn between artistic and rational cosmos. During our architectural studies, we are rarely given one specific methodology with which we can approach a project, resulting in diverse outcomes and methods of designing. However, in order for us to discover our personal stand, we must look back at the logic and philosophy of the great pioneers who influenced architecture before us.

    What was Mies van der Rohe's approach to architectural design? »
  • Modern Morocco: Building a New Vernacular

    Modern Moroccan architecture is reinterpreting vernacular traditions. Taking its name from the Arabic al-maġhrib, or the “place the sun sets; the west”, the kingdom is a sovereign state home to numerous examples of Islamic design, as well as detailed art and ornamentation found within geometric patterns, friezes and open courtyards.

    What shapes Morroccan architecture scene? »

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In 2019, our readers were inspired not only by the best architecture in the world, but also by the products and materials that made those buildings a reality. Out of over 6,000 products, these are the most visited products from our catalog.


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