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Discover Utopian Hong Kong of the 80's Through The Lens of Alexey Kozhenkov

Alexey Kozhenkov is a freelance photographer currently based in Russia, with a strong interest in urbanism, architecture and man-made structures. Kozhenkov was born in 1993 in Riga, Latvia and became a self-taught photographer after graduating from university.

© Alexey Kozhenkov © Alexey Kozhenkov © Alexey Kozhenkov © Alexey Kozhenkov + 10

“To Work at Different Scales is the Architect's Wisdom”: Ricardo Bofill Interviewed for the Time Space Existence Video Series

In their recent interview for the Time Space Existence video series, Plane-Site, through the support from the European Cultural Centre, interviewed Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. The series will be exhibited in the biennial exhibition in Venice, opening May 21-22, 2020.

Laurian Ghinitoiu Named Overall Winner of the Architectural Photography Awards 2019

Architectural Photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu recently won in three categories in the Architectural Photography Awards 2019. The categories where he received awards were Social Housing, Exterior and Buildings in Use.

What started as a curiosity for Ghinitoiu, photography, through hard work and passion soon became a lifestyle and a continuous journey around the world. To date, this journey, has allowed him to receive an improved and more complex understanding of architecture, where he documents the built environment.

© Laurian Ghinitoiu © Laurian Ghinitoiu Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania by 51N4E. Ghinitoiu's third win. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu © Laurian Ghinitoiu + 8

Frederico Babina Simplifies Architecture Through His New 'Ideograrch' Series

Frederico Babina is an Italian architect and graphic designer who creates artwork that focuses on the abstract replications of famous imagery and buildings. Through a strong focus on geometry and form his work represents a sense of innocence, inexperience and spontaneity throughout.

Architects Propose World's First Prefabricated Cross Laminated Timber Concert Hall for Nuremberg

Advancing into the 21st century as architects enables us to explore and deliver an increasing number of sustainable approaches to architecture and the building industry. Whilst previously, concrete and steel have been predominately used throughout the construction industry, architects are now beginning to realise the importance of new technologies, such as timber, and use them for efficient construction, sustainability and cost effective purposes.

In a recent international competition, architects Gilles Retsin and Stephan Markus Albrecht, were selected among 20 finalists for the extension of the Meistersingerhalle, located in Nuremberg, Germany. The architects collaborated with Bollinger-Grohmann engineers, Transsolar climate engineers and acoustic specialists such as Theatre Projects, to design what is to be the world’s first concert hall building constructed using cross laminated timber (CLT).