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A few blocks from the Suquía River and next to the Barrio Alta Córdoba Train Station, the house is located in a small urban lot of 105m2 in a well-connected area. The proposal intends to make a contribution to the built environment by intervening in a residual space, achieving the completion of the urban fabric and thus valuing the already consolidated environment, favouring the social mix and taking advantage of the current services and infrastructure lines. On a small lot of 7mx15m, the proposal makes vertical sense by organizing the program in a series of overlapping floors in order to optimize the approach. The project rejects any spatial hierarchy in order to become an open and flexible system of multiple connections calling for continuity and freedom. The ground floor is presented as a stimulating space that allows a great variety of activities where its inhabitants will discover new forms of uses and appropriation for the same space. On the ground floor, the entire lot is recognized, placing the access stairs to the first floor at the end of the lot, with the intention of passing through the entire space before entering the interior of the first floor. The social area is developed on the first floor, in an integrated space with the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and a double-height terrace with the idea of being immersed in one total space, allowing the perception from side to side of the tight terrain, favoring a search for a wider spatial continuity. A set of superimposed stairs allow to explore and understand the spatiality of the building leading to the next floors where the bedrooms are located, ending with a terrace that reclaims the views of the neighbourhood. View more View full description
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