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Auditorium in North Campus was originally used as a lecture hall. The renovation is designed to expand the space and improve the quality of the equipment, which will be used to host international conferences, and to serve as the student activity center. In the traditional concept, auditorium symbolizes sense of honor and order, which presents introverted and stylized stability. However, based on the current open and flexible teaching atmosphere of college, we define the auditorium as a part of the public space of the campus, and make it a diversified interactive place for campus activities, academic exchanges, assemblies and so on. Spatial ExpansionThe biggest problem of the auditorium is the constraint of the internal public space and the disorder and waste of the external environment. First of all, we knocked off the outer facade so that the original narrow front office can extend to the square. Secondly, we removed the wall of the south side of the hall, so that the abandoned flower-shelves were incorporated into the interior, and designed a miniature garden with adjacent green space, making it an independent reading area facing the landscape. Finally, we enlarged the area of the foyer of entrance, and added a path from the side to the reading area, forming a courtyard surrounding the landscape on the south side of the building. View more View full description
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