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The railway’s memory of Urola. There is no doubt that to make the extension of preexistence as the old station of Azkoitia, is an extremely delicate operation. The deep decoration and the good conservation of it, dignifies the facades of the old station, with a certain urban palace air. Despite its small size, the volume which it has to be preserved shows an architecture whose symmetry, facades’ decoration, corners and roof´s finishes has a clear intention to characterized it.  A sculpted box with an irregular shape, takes the new expansion of the library. Its heavy cover made of wooden railway sleepers evokes the history of the building, almost as if when the tracks were dismantled the old sleepers had been stacked near the station. The box character of the object which has the extension, allows not competing with the preexisting architecture. And at the same time, its condition of unfinished object values even more the current building. View more View full description
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