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Between space and scenery The site is flat and vast, with the endless ocean view at one side. The “height” and “distance”, consequently, becomes the key factors through the concept generating process. We set up an observatory platform on the roof of the building, where people could enjoy the maximum view of the landscape. The climbing progress from the grade level to the top platform is the indivisible prelude of the entire spatial experience. Starting with a gentle ramp, visitors will go through a preserved gingko grove, before walking into the inner space caring out the architectural volume. After going up along a defined stair space, eventually they arrives the top level, turning around, facing the bondless ocean in the distance. The platform is enclosed at 2 sides and the top, but fully open to the sea. Such a directional gesture assists to relate the limited place to the endless landscape, and mentally diffuse the boundary between the near and far, small and vast. The surface of the space, made of the matt finished aluminium panel, bounces the light and colour from the environment to inside, through different season, climate, and the time of the day, subtly changing the ambience of the space. The perforated wall facing east, acting as a time machine, casting the ever-shifting pattern of light and shadow to the platform, following the course of the sun. View more View full description
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