Swimming Center Vijuš / SANGRAD architects + AVP Arhitekti

© Sandro Lendler

Architects: AVP Arhitekti + SANGRAD architects
Location: , Croatia
Architect In Charge: Vedran Pedišić, Mladen Hofmann, Erick Velasco Farrera
Structure: Boris Baljkas Owner
Photographs: Sandro Lendler

Varaždin University Student’s Restaurant and Home Winning Proposal / SANGRAD Architects + AVP Arhitekti

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The aim for the design of the University Student’s Restaurant and Home was to connect the new building with the old student’s home with the restaurant treated as a separate pavilion. This first prize winning design by SANGRAD Architects + AVP Arhitekti creates a new square between both buildings, which is defined by the main entrance to the existing building and the new restaurant volume. Along with the student’s home on the west side, the restaurant has a visual connection with all three buildings through an access plaza, while the student’s home towards the east continues the structure of the existing house forming a block. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Osijek University Library Winning Proposal / SANGRAD Architects + AVP Arhitekti

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Designed by SANGRAD Architects + AVP Arhitekti, the first prize winning proposal for the Osijek University Library becomes a place for cultural enrichment and at the same time, relaxation through the use of green loggias, clean energy, and a pleasant micro-climate on outdoor spaces. The importance of the proposal’s orientation is crucial; for the idea is to design an energy efficient library, which was one of the starting components in the design. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Badel Block Complex Proposal / SANGRAD Architects + AVP Arhitekti

Courtesy of AVP Arhitekti

The design proposal by + AVP Arhitekti for the Badel Block Complex, a mixed-use project within the city center of , Croatia, consists of enclosing the continuity of the existing block and positioning the vertical into its center. Following the instinct of creating a free, public space as large as possible, and yet also in keeping with the proposed program, with uniform treatment of the existing urban archaeology, represents the main guidelines of this concept. More images and architects’ description after the break.

NUK II University Library / SANGRAD Architects, AVP Arhitekti, Biro Arhitekti


The volume composition of the NUK II University Library is formed as a group of three volumes set on top of an elevated plateau hovering above the excavations. Designed by , AVP Arhitekti, and Biro Arhitekti, this unity of forms also means a unity of space, function and organization. Within the existing roman structure (which is understood as geometrical and spatial order, urban definition and direction), the archaeological grid becomes the base of the library functional scheme and the excavations are actively transferred to the future architectural assembly. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Strojarska Business Center Proposal / SANGRAD Architects & AVP_Arhitekti

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The project’s site is located within the boundaries of the southern part of which is divided by the national railway. In many ways, this site was thought as part of the new city urban concept. There are two important facts: the position on the margins of the traditional lower City and the structural composition and reference within the future new City. Both in this case determine the composition and character of the project, designed by SANGRAD Architects & AVP_Arhitekti. By raising or lowering the railway, several possibilities are opened in terms of linking the site with the central and northern part of the City. More images and architects’ description after the break.