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Snow House / Emilio Marin, Nicolas Dorval-Bory, Juan Carlos Lopez

Nicolas Dorval-Bory shared with us a sustainable house for winter sports up on the hills of the Santiago, Chile, designed with Emilio Marín & Juan Carlos López Huerta for a competition organized by an aerated concrete block company.

Le Temps des Environment / Nicolas Dorval Bory Architect

Nicolas Dorval Bory Architect designed an extension artist residency for the International Art & Landscape Center on the island of Vassivière.  Situated in the middle of an artificial hydro-electric lake, the project explores the concept of  ”de-spatialization” and “blurred architecture” by breaking the building components down into fragments, lines and dots.  The building gradually begins to dissolve allowing “its temporal dimension to be experienced as its geometrical dimensions disappear into architecture and landscape.”   The team studied time progression to invent a new kind of space and organization based on their conceptual ideas.

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