The Floating States of Maldives / FLaT

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The design think tank FLaT has shared with us their submission for the 2010 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, The Floating States of . This hypothetical project was undertaken with the aspiration of what can be without constraints, as an experiment of imagination. Continue after the break for additional images and an architects description.

4 Islands in Maldives / OFIS arhitekti

Island 2 - Hadahaa

Architect: OFIS arhitekti
Location: Islands
Project Leaders: Rok Oman, Špela Videčnik
Design Year: 2004-2006
Further Development: 2009
Design Team: Nejc Batistic, Martina Lipicer, Marisa Baptista
3d Animations & Realisations: David Lozej, Jaka Zvan, Rok Jereb

Island 4 - Randheli Island 1 - Funamadua Island 3 - Konotta Island 2 - Hadahaa