Hanking Nanyou Newtown Urban Planning Design Proposal / Jaeger and Partner Architects

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Jaeger and Partner Architects shared with us their Hanking Nanyou Newtown Urban Design proposal for the renovation of a parcel of Nanyou in , Shenzhen. Their concept focuses on creating a ‘multi-functional ring’ which combines the planning theories of the compact city, green city, and digital city. Acting as a unifying element, the multi-functional ring at the site’s core is a prominent feature of the design, providing the best site accessibility solution to an otherwise difficult to manage site. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Skolkovo Technopark District D2 Residential Area / Saltans Architects_International + Jaeger and Partner Architects

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Chicago based Saltans Architects_Intl., ltd (SA_I) and Shenzhen based Jaeger and Partner Architects, Ltd. design collaboration was recently selected for the second stage international design competition for the Skolkovo Technopark District D2 Residential Area. Their master plan design envisions the “concept of the city at human scale with a strong relationship with nature”. Five distinct Districts comprising this planning strategy are separated and linked by natural landscapes, while each District’s master plan is designed specifically for function. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Guangfa Securities Headquarters / Jaeger and Partner Architects

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The Guangfa Securities Headquarter, designed by Jaeger and Partner Architects, is a 308-meter tall class-A high-rise office building that will serve as the new landmark for the eastern portion of ’s new CBD. Its orientation is rotated slightly from the dominating orthogonal grid of the surrounding area to mark the site as a transformational pivot point of the urban fabric. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Shenzhen Archive Towers / Jaeger and Partner Architects

view from plaza

Jaeger and Partners Architects’ design for the Archive Towers recently received a Design Excellence Award in the AIA Chicago 2011 Design Awards program. This competition scheme was acknowledged in the Unbuilt Design Award category. ’s Meiling District resides between City Center and new north railway station, forming an urban center with the Archive site at its heart. Creating an authentic urban space, the design unifies four parcels (city blocks) by removing dividing streets. Circulation is re-organized, thereby harnessed, by introducing a perimeter one-way street system. The enlarged spatial boundary establishes an appropriate scale and symbolic relationship with the City Plaza. More images and project description after the break.

NFU and SZU Advanced Technology Park / Jaeger and Partner Architects + sa_i

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Shenzhen based Jaeger and Partner Architects, Ltd. and Chicago based saltans architects intl, ltd have collaborated on the winning design solution for the NanFanG University of Science & Technology and New Shenzhen University Technology Park.

The site for the competition is in the rapidly developing Nanshan Dashahe Innovation Corridor in Shenzhen, PRC and directly adjacent to the New Shenzhen University Campus and will comprise of R&D office and light manufacturing, IT incubator space, outsourcing facilities, and business support services. The concept for the master plan is an integral environment for entrepreneurs, researchers and students within an environment for technological innovation and discovery in an above ground building area of 528,000 m2.

More images and descriptions after the break.