Sustainable Residential Complex / Morfearch

Courtesy of

The aim of the sustainable residential complex, designed by Morfearch, is not only the production of new buildings able to satisfy living space requests, but the will to offer public services to the new settlement and open to the “outer” population. The project area, crossed north to south by divergent paths, generates trapezoidal spaces that become the generating principle of the different parts of the whole complex: every secondary parcel is indeed composed by different size tanks, 30 to 120cm high, open to different uses, materials, and patterns: green areas, water, paved spaces, vegetation and gardens, available for residents with a leisure, but also social, function. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton / Fabiola Minas Roberto Murgia Simona Oberti

© Giovanna Silva

Architect: Fabiola Minas Roberto Murgia Simona Oberti
Location: , Via San Paolo, Italy
Project Team: Filippo Weber, Valentina Ravara
Lighting Design: Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design
Client: Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton
Project Year: 300 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Giovanna Silva

Villa GM / Architrend Architecture

© Moreno Maggi

Architect: Architrend Architecture
Location: Marina di Ragusa, , Italy
Project Team: Gaetano Manganello & Carmelo Tumino
Collaborators: Patrizia Anfuso, Marco Garfì
Project Area: 1.250 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Moreno Maggi

European Winners of Holcim Awards Competition Announced in Milan

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The Holcim Award winners for Europe were recently announced in for sustainable place making and materials innovation. The Holcim Awards Gold 2011 for Europe and USD 100,000 was awarded to German architects realities united for a project on the UNESCO World Heritage site of Museuminsel in the heart of Berlin. The Flussbad urban plan will remediate an area rich in cultural heritage by transforming an under-utilized arm of the River Spree into a natural 745m-long “swimming pool”. The project will form a swimming zone equivalent to 17 Olympic-sized pools – and directly improve the quality of urban life and the ecology of the waterway. More information on the awards after the break.

BAM!’s Venice CITYVISION Concrete Island Spectacular!

CITYVISION First Prize - Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, and Valeria Bruni. Courtesy of CITYVISION Competition

Bottega di Archiettura Metropolitana aka recently won a Bjarke Ingalls-judged urban design competition for proposing to deal with the Venice, Italy’s rising water problem… with giant concrete bowl islands!

BAM!'s floating island scheme, courtesy of Venice CITYVISION Competition

Sure, the scheme neither addresses how the existing city should retrofit itself nor does it work out some key technical concerns–how does one move from one bowl to another? what happens when the bowls fill with water?–but with renderings so incredibly beautiful why besmirch oneself with such trivialities?

Read more at FastCo. Design

Fortress of Fortezza / Markus Scherer with Walter Dietl

© Alessandra Chemollo

Architects: Markus Scherer with
Location: Franzensfeste,
Client: Autonome Provinz Bozen
Collaborator: Heike Kirnbauer, Elena Mezzanotte
Structural Engineering: Baubüro-Klaus Plattner, Bozen
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: René Riller, Alessandra Chemollo

Isernia Golf Club / Medir Architetti

Courtesy of Medir Architetti

Architects: Medir Architetti
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Medir Architetti

MAXXI: Joshua Prince Ramus (REX architects) Event

Courtesy of Y1/cityvision

Architect Joshua Prince Ramus (REX architects), just awarded as one of the five greatest architects under 50 in the world, will hold a main lecture at the at 6:00pm on September 16th during the event Y1 – Independent Architecture Stuff organized by Cityvision Mag and curated by Francesco Lipari and Vanessa Todaro. More information on the event after the break.

Melfi Headquarters / Medir Architetti

© Alberto Muciaccia

Architects: Medir Architetti / Roberto Ianigro, Valentina Ricciuti
Location: Pettoranello di Molise, Italy
Client: Melfi Srl
Structural Engineer: Sergio Iadanza – Iadanza Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: Leo D’Antona
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Alberto Muciaccia

AD Classics: Riola Parish Church / Alvar Aalto

© Franco Di Capua

Designed by Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, Riola Parrish Church is a stunning concrete form which mimics and modulates with the contours of its Italian landscape. The magnificent baptistery, completed in 1978, is located eight kilometers south of Bologna in the small town of Riola. Aalto’s evocative modernist architecture captures the spirit of this mountain setting; it is a spiritual structure which, inside and out, unassumingly expresses sanctity of faith and place.

More on Riola Parish Church after the break.

Campo Baeza: The Creation Tree Exhibition

Courtesy of

A large tree, whose leaves are drawings, a pond from which photos of projects arise, a large installation which recreates the mental landscape of Alberto Campo Baeza: this is CAMPO BAEZA. THE CREATION TREE, the third of the monographic exhibitions of NATURE, the series of four monographic installations in which MAXXI Architectura explores different interpretations of contemporary architectural investigation.

Co-produced by MAXXI Architectura and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) with the special collaboration of TOTO GALLERY MA of Tokyo, the show, dedicated to the work of one of the masters of Spanish architecture, is curated and designed by Manuel Blanco. More information on the event after the break.

YAP MAXXI: Erratic Language in Architectural Narratives

Courtesy of

Until October 11, Image ARCHIVE will be participating in the MAXXI’s summer program, YAP MAXXI, the first Italian edition of the well-known Young Architects Program launched by the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 twelve years ago in New York.

The exterior spaces of the MAXXI in , transformed into a garden of green isles by the project WHATAMI by studio stARTT will host the summer events that focus on the diverse aspects of contemporary art. Image ARCHIVE was invited to create an event focused on a series of videos and films that would expose the public to some of the most relevant and experimental projects, works and ideas in the architectural scene internationally. The result is a awe-inspiring journey, divided into six evenings from July to October, which is a testimony to the arduous search for forms of expression and the emergence of a new language in the discourse which Image ARCHIVE has observed for more than a decade. More on the event after the break.

Erba Municipal Library / Studio Ortalli

© Filippo Simonetti

Architect: Studio Ortalli 
Location: Via Joriati 6, Erba, 22036, , Italy
Project Team: Arch. Cazzaniga Dario, Arch Angel Monti, Arch Marco Ortalli
Building Company: Ciceri SpA
Photographs: Filippo Simonetti

Casa Talia / Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta

© Andrea Ferrari

Location: Via Exaudinos, 1/9, 97015 , Italy
Styling: Arianna Lelli Mami
Photographs: Andrea Ferrari

Multifunctional Building Rossi Sud Complex / DRA&U

Courtesy of

The design by DRA&U, which is meant to accommodate cultural activities, comes from the study of shells, their real geometry, neither ideal, nor platonic. The x-ray analysis of these slender bodies gave them the ability to perceive the deficiencies, deviations, and a set of slight imperfections due to environmental disturbances during development, which makes them so fascinating. Each shell contains history and a body that evolves with sublime patience, where the beauty, usefulness, functionality and aesthetics are linked to each other, because the amazing beauty lies not only in the outer (what you see usually), but also lurks in intimacy than hidden. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Zona K / Pietro Bagnoli + Franco Taglibue (ifdesign)

© Andrea Martiradonna

Location: Milan,
Consultants: Luca Leo, Stefano Gervasi, Diego Borroni, Guido Scavini
Graphic Design: Fabiano Cocozza
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 320 sqm
Photographs: Andrea Martiradonna, Pietro Bagnoli

Cassia Antica / JM Architecture

Courtesy of

This remodeling project of a 1960s villa, is located in a residential complex along the historic consular roman road which neighbors with the Veio natural park, at the north end of the italian capital. The villa, organized on three levels, has been redesigned in order to accommodate very different functions on every level.

Architect: JM Architecture
Location: , Italy
Photographs: Courtesy of JM Architecture

AD Classics: Olivetti Showroom / Carlo Scarpa

© ORCH_chemollo

The Olivetti Showroom by has recently come full circle. In the late 1950s Adriano Olivetti commissioned Scarpa to design a display space for his Olivetti products. The resulting Olivetti Showroom was a beautiful space used for decades by Olivetti before changing owners. In April of 2011 Scarpa’s Olivetti Showroom re-emerged once again as the display space for Olivetti products. Though this time Scarpa’s design of the space is what is truly on display.  More after the break.

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