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A101 Urban Block Competition Winners / CIE and SVESMI

Courtesy of CIE and SVESMI
Courtesy of CIE and SVESMI

The joint ventures of Frits van Dongen, Patrick Koschuch and Jason Lee of CIE and Alexander Sverdlov of SVESMI produced two winning projects and an honorable mention from the open international competition for A101 Block City in Moscow, Russia. The 13,000 hectare area south is Moscow is to be developed by the Masshtab company, led by Maxwan Architects of Rotterdam for the urban planning concept of the A101project. The Block City is a masterplan for the area to be built up. It envisions the introduction of standard sizes for urban blocks that can be interchangeable with flexibilities in their typologies and phasing at various stages of the project’s completion. The first phase of the project to be realized is 157 hectares with 12 million sqm of housing of the Block City area. The following proposals are winners for the design of the urban block. More on the winning projects after the break.

Cie architects to design the Tianjin Urban Planning Museum

Dutch firm Cie Architects recently received first prize in the competition to design the Tianjin Urban Planning Museum, China.

The building is composed of 3 distinct sections: Urban planning museum and offices, new year’s painting gallery and studios, and a conference centre totaling 29,000 sqm including parking.

Seen at designboom. For more details, click here. More images after the break.