Atelier Thomas Pucher’s European Music Center to Open in 2020

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The winning design of an international competition in 2010 to house the world-renowned Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, Austrian firm Atelier Thomas Pucher’s Sinfonia Varsovia European Music Center has been approved to begin construction. As part of a larger campaign to revive Warsaw’s historic character and inspire cultural exchange, the Music Center has ranked high on the priority list of the Renewal Program, and is slated to open in 2020.

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Atelier Thomas Pucher’s Urban Terraces to be Built in Vienna

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Atelier Thomas Pucher has won first prize in an invited competition to realize a cluster of “Urban Terraces” in . Described as a product of the “modern patchwork city,” the project is designed to connect its residents to the surrounding districts and open space through the “countless sight lines” preserved by the circular nature of the mid-rise buildings. This is intended to achieve a sense of “urban porosity” within a stacked residential landscape.

Villa SK / Atelier Thomas Pucher

© Lukas Schaller

Architects: Atelier Thomas Pucher
Location: ,
Design Team: Thomas Pucher, Christa Pucher, Hannes Stöffler, Gustav Ibing
Project Area: 240.0 sqm
Photographs: Lukas Schaller

Amstetten School Campus / Atelier Thomas Pucher

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The challenge in the competition for the School Campus was to combine two existing secondary schools in one location and complement the program with a new music school and an additional gym. With the area being characterized by an extreme heterogeneous development, with a wide range of buildings with various functions and styles, the design by Atelier Thomas Pucher, which won the first prize, is comprised of a compact five-storey cube which rises in the surroundings as a distinctive landmark. Additionally, the building is combined with two lower volumes and three courtyards, within a chessboard formation. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Salzburg Regional Hospital Extension – SALK / Atelier Thomas Pucher

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Atelier Thomas Pucher recently won the first prize in the international competition for the new extension of the Regional Hospital. The design combines a “double-comb” structure that accommodates treatment and examination rooms with a cross-shaped area dedicated for the ward and nursery departments. This distribution is completed by a final slab that host the laboratory and that integrates seamlessly the whole building. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Wimmer Medien Business Center and Urban Development / Atelier Thomas Pucher


The proposal for the Wimmer Medien Business Center and Urban Development in Linz, by Atelier Thomas Pucher recently won the third prize in the international invited competition. Their main concept is the creation of a 33,600 m2 gross floor area central public space that recovers the mystical feeling of the Italian piazzas, offering flexibility to host the most variety of events and activities, like ice-skating, Christmas market or outdoors cinema. This piazza is also a central point for the social life of the building, providing outdoors spaces for the offices, significant synergies for the commercial area and a feeling of the life of the city to the apartments. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Tartu Rebase Street / Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger [architects]

© Lukas Schaller

The original concept of the building was to combine the advantages of single residential homes with the economical aspects of `apartment living´. Over the last centuries the concept of single residential family houses changed enormously. Different approaches and reinterpretations changed not only the way that people live but also the way they use their own spaces. Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger [architects]‘s proposal was to combine the advantages of privacy, outdoor gardens, and boundless views that a single residential home offers with the low economic and maintenance costs of an apartment.

Architect: Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger [architects]
Location: , Estonia
Project Area: 3,500 sqm
Renderings: Martin Mathy
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Lukas Schaller, Jaan Sokk

Winner of the Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall Competition / Atelier Thomas Pucher


Atelier Thomas Pucher has won the international competition for the new seat of the world renowned Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra in . The 20,000m² cultural centre is housed on the site of a former Veterinary Institute with existing – yet dormant – buildings and a fairy-tale like park. The area occupies a 1,800 seat symphonic hall with first class acoustic properties, large rehearsal areas, merchandise facilities, musical workshops and a small hotel for artists in residence and music lovers on vacation.

Tallinn Music High School, Ballet School and Georg Otsa Music School / Atelier Thomas Pucher


The key concept of this project was to create not only a building but also a new meaningful city space connecting the people, the place, its history and their music. The building delimits the boundaries of the plot, enclosing an expanse of green at its core: a garden that is urban yet isolated from the hubbub of the city.

NIK / Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger

© Andreas Buchberger

Architects: Atelier Thomas Pucher & Bramberger
Location: Graz,
Project Team: Thomas Pucher, Alfred , Martin Mathy, Maria Richter-Trummer, Hans Waldhör, Ingmar Zwirn David Klemmer, Christof Schermann, Boris Murnig, Sahar Arjomand Bigdely, Thomas Zach
Project area: 1,400 sqm
Photographs: Andreas Buchberger