Housing and Shops Complex / Ameller, Dubois & Associés

© Sergio Grazia

Architects: Ameller, Dubois & Associés
Location: Annemasse, France
Architect In Charge: Philippe , Jacques Dubois, Philippe de Fouchier, Jean-François Brecq, Catherine Laroche, Stéphane Martin
Area: 7400.0 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Grazia

Hanazono Kindergarten and Nursery / HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro

© Studio Bauhaus

Architects: HIBINOSEKKEI, Youji no Shiro
Location: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Area: 1107.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Studio Bauhaus

House in Kamisawa / Tato Architects

© Shinkenchiku Sha

Architects: Tato Architects
Location: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Architect In Charge: Yo Shimada
Design Team: Yo Shimada, Keita Kurokoshi
Area: 87.0 sqm
Photographs: Shinkenchiku Sha

"Space Packing Architecture: The Life and Work of Alfred Neumann" at Gallery of Fine Art in Ostrava
"Space Packing Architecture: The Life and Work of Alfred Neumann" at Gallery of Fine Art in Ostrava

Space Packing Architecture: The Life and Work of Alfred Neumann

Space Packing Architecture: The Life and Work of Alfred Neumann, the first-ever exhibition on the Czech architect Alfred Neumann, is on display at Cabinet of Architecture (Kabinet architektury) in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Accompanied by architectural models and life-size spatial units constructed especially for the show, this exhibition focuses on Neumann’s major design projects in Israel from the 1960s, undertaken with his collaborators Zvi Hecker and Eldar Sharon, and explores his vision for a new kind of modern architecture.

Deolali House / SPASM Design Architects

© Sebastian Zachariah

Architects: SPASM Design Architects
Location: , Maharashtra 413716, India
Design Team: Sangeeta Merchant, Mansoor Kudalkar,Gauri Satam,Denver Periara,Divyesh Kargathra Sanjeev Panjabi
Area: 454.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Sebastian Zachariah

AIA delegates chose Thomas V. Vonier at the 2015 AIA National Convention in Atlanta. Image © Flickr CC User Jack Kennard
AIA delegates chose Thomas V. Vonier at the 2015 AIA National Convention in Atlanta. Image © Flickr CC User Jack Kennard

Thomas V. Vonier Elected 2017 AIA President

Thomas V. Vonier, FAIA, has been elected as the 2016 First Vice President and 2017 President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Currently serving as 2014–2015 AIA Vice President, Vonier is the founder and past president of AIA Continental Europe from 1994 to 1995. He served on the AIA Board of Directors representing the AIA International Region from 2010 to 2012. Vonier received an M.Arch. and a B.Arch. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee after attending the school of architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. He is also currently Secretary General of the International Union of Architects, after previously serving as its Vice President. To see all other newly elected officials, follow this link

House in House / Steffen Welsch Architects

© Shannon McGrath

Architects: Steffen Welsch Architects
Location: VIC, Australia
Year: 2014
Photographs: Shannon McGrath

Tham & Videgård Designs Sweden’s “Most Sought After Home”

© Tham & Videgård

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter has designed a home with the help of two million Swedes. Made possible by big data, the Swedish office analyzed 200 million clicks and 86,000 properties on Hemnet properties to design “’s statistically most sought after home.” The result, the Hemnet Home – a “new typehouse for everyone by everyone.”

Parking Building in Grenoble / GaP Grudzinski & Poisay Architectes

© Baptiste ROBIN

Architects: GaP Grudzinski & Poisay Architectes
Location: 38100 , France
Design Team: Hugues GRUDZINSKI architect, Baptiste ROBIN project manager
Area: 9450.0 sqm
Photographs: Baptiste ROBIN

Work Begins on Steven Holl’s Hunters Point Library in Queens

© Steven Holl Architects

Construction has commenced on Steven Holl ArchitectsHunters Point Community Library in Queens, New York. Rising along the shoreline on the city’s East River near a cluster of newly built high-rise condominiums, the 22,000 square-foot (6,705 meter) library aims to provide a community-centric public space and park to the increasingly privatized Long Island City waterfront.

Wood Innovation Design Centre / Michael Green Architecture

© Ema Peter

Architects: Michael Green Architecture
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Design Team: Michael Green, Carla Smith, Kristalee Berger, Alfonso Bonilla, Jordan van Dijk, Guadalupe Font, Adrienne Gibbs, Jacqueline Green, Asher deGroot, Soo Han, Kristen Jamieson, Vuk Krcmar-Grkavac, Alexander Kobald, Sindhu Mahadevan, Maria Mora, Mingyuk Chen and Seng Tsoi
Area: 4820.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Ema Peter, Courtesy of Michael Green Architecture

Gallery: The Top 5 Milan Expo Pavilions

UK Pavilion – / Wolfgang Buttress. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu

Romanian photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu has shared his photos of the Expo Milan, along with his ranking of the top 5 pavilions. Read on to see his beautiful collection of images accompanied by his short remarks on the merits of the designs. 

Cube House / Irene Escobar Doren

© Cristián Domínguez

Architects: Irene Escobar Doren
Location: O’Higgins Region, Chile
Area: 95.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Cristián Domínguez

12 Excel Formulas Every Architect Should Know

© Studio_G via Shutterstock

It may not be the most exciting piece of software an architect will ever use, but Microsoft‘s Excel is a powerful tool which can help architects with the less glamorous parts of their work – and if you learn how to use it correctly, it can help you get back to the tasks that you’d rather be doing much more quickly. In this post originally published by ArchSmarter, Michael Kilkelly gives his short rundown of formulas that every architect should know – and a brief explanation of how to use each one.

Excel is more than just digital graph paper. It’s a serious tool for analyzing and computing data. In order to access this power, however, you need to understand formulas.

If you’re like me, you started using Excel as a way to create nice looking tables of data – things like building programs or drawing lists. Lots of text and some numbers. Nothing too crazy. If I was feeling a little bold, I’d add a simple formula to add or subtract some cells. That’s about it.

I knew I was using only about 10% of the software but I wasn’t sure what else it could do or how I could access the other functions. I’d heard about formulas but they seemed really confusing. Plus, I was an architect, not a bean counter.

Apartment and Courtyard in Barcelona / CAVAA arquitectes

© Filippo Poli

Architects: CAVAA arquitectes
Location: El Poblenou, , , Spain
Architects In Charge: Jordi Calbetó, Oriol Vañó
Technical Architect: Pep Vinuesa
Photographs: Filippo Poli

Michael Reynolds to Build a Sustainable Public School in Uruguay

© ‘Garbage Warrior’ Documentary

, a well-known proponent of sustainable building and the creator of the Earthship house, will construct a self-sufficient public school in Jaureguiberry, Uruguay, reports local newspaper El País.

Reynolds’ design contemplates a 270-square-meter building with solar panels and a water-collection system that will supply water for the bathrooms and kitchens. In the architect’s usual style, recycled materials such as tires and bottles will be used for construction.

Learn more about the project after the break.

ADEPT and Mandaworks Design Masterplan for Stockholm’s Royal Seaport

Birdseye view. Image Courtesy of ADEPT/

ADEPT and Mandaworks have been declared the winners of a design competition for an urban development in the Kolkajen-Ropsten area of Stockholm‘s Royal Seaport. Dubbed the “Royal Neighbour,” the masterplan is anticipated to provide more than 12,000 new homes, supply 35,000 jobs in the next two decades, and create a new cultural area.

Graz Main Station Redevelopment / Zechner & Zechner

Courtesy of Zechner & Zechner

Architects: Zechner & Zechner
Location: , Austria
Year: 2015
Photographs: Courtesy of Zechner & Zechner