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Alejandro Aravena Appointed Director of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

Today, in Venice, the Board of la Biennale di Venezia named Chilean architect and Pritzker jury member Alejandro Aravena as the Director of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition. Held bi-annually in the capital city of Italy's Veneto region, the 2016 edition of the Biennale will take place from May 28 - November 27, 2016.

Citing the increasing popularity and success of the previous Architecture Biennales, chairman Paolo Baratta confirmed, "after many years in which the Architecture Biennale has continued to grow, we may now consolidate the decision to make it last six months, given the steady increment in the attendance of architecture schools from all over the world who come to participate in the Biennale Sessions project, and have made the Architecture Biennale a pilgrimage destination for students and teachers from the universities of many countries, from the United States to China.”

Construction Underway on Aedas’ “Infinite” Design for New Sina Headquarters in Beijing

Aedas has begun construction on their winning entry to design the new Sina Headquarters in China. Located south of the Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park, the building program will include open office area, conference rooms, media rooms, library, entertainment rooms, a canteen and other supporting amenities.

Courtesy of Aedas Courtesy of Aedas Courtesy of Aedas Courtesy of Aedas

Medical Office Renovation in Entrambasaguas / Perez - Ruiz de Apodaca

  • Architects: Carmen Pérez Díaz y Ana Ruiz de Apodaca Johansson
  • Location: Barrio la Iglesia, 39716 Entrambasaguas, Cantabria, España
  • Project Area: 293.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Josema Cutillas

© Josema Cutillas  © Josema Cutillas  © Josema Cutillas  © Josema Cutillas

ENEL Pavilion / Piuarch

  • Architects: Piuarch
  • Location: Expo Gate, Via Luca Beltrami, 20121 Milano, Italy
  • Architect In Charge: Francesco Fresa, Germàn Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini, Monica Tricario
  • Design Team: Gianni Mollo, Marco Dragoni, Davide Fascione, Enrico Pellegrini, Jenny Spagnolatti, Gianluca Iannotta, Alessandro Leanti, Santiago Trujillo, Anna Zauli
  • Area: 900.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Andrea Martiradonna

© Andrea Martiradonna © Andrea Martiradonna © Andrea Martiradonna © Andrea Martiradonna

House in Gandra / Raulino Silva Arquitecto

  • Architects: Raulino Silva Arquitecto
  • Location: Rua da Ribeira, 4740-288 Esposende, Portugal
  • Design Team: Hélder Silva, Daniela Amorim, Ismael Santos, Cátia Sampaio
  • Area: 379.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: João Morgado

© João Morgado © João Morgado © João Morgado © João Morgado

Inner City Warehouse / Allen Jack+Cottier

  • Architects: Allen Jack+Cottier
  • Location: Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Interiors: The Gentry’s Kelly Ross
  • Area: 1060.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Castle+Beatty

© Castle+Beatty © Castle+Beatty © Castle+Beatty © Castle+Beatty

Attic for an Architect / buro5

  • Architects: buro5
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Architect In Charge: Boris Denisyuk
  • Area: 49.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Luciano Spinelli

© Luciano Spinelli © Luciano Spinelli © Luciano Spinelli © Luciano Spinelli

Transgrid Headquarters / Bates Smart

  • Architects: Bates Smart
  • Location: 180 Thomas Street, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Brett Boardman

© Brett Boardman © Brett Boardman © Brett Boardman © Brett Boardman

History For Sale: Postmodern Vanna Venturi House on the Market

Robert Venturi's Vanna Venturi House is now for sale. According to reports on Curbed, the postmodern home could be yours for just $1.75 million! Said to be one of the top 10 buildings that "changed America," the house was originally designed and built by the Pritzker Prize laureate for his mother in 1964. The home's most recent owner, University of Pennsylvania professor Dr. Thomas P. Hughes passed away February, leaving the historic residence to his daughter who is now selling the home. 

Morphosis Architects Releases Casablanca Finance City Tower Design

Mophosis Architects have just released their design for the Casablanca Finance City tower in Morocco. The building's iconic crown, coupled with the way the building interacts with ground-level public space, creates an "inverted double-crown" that will serve as social symbol and meeting place. Following the model set in Paris' La Defense district, the project will anchor a new business district (Casablanca Finance City) and embody "Morocco’s vision for the future and setting precedents in building performance, scale, and style for a city that does not yet exist." Slated for completion in 2017, the 226,042 sq. ft building broke ground in December of 2014.

Read on to learn more about Morphosis' brise-soleil-wrapped tower. 

© Morphosis Architects © Morphosis Architects © Morphosis Architects © Morphosis Architects

The Boro Hotel / Grzywinski+Pons

  • Architects: Grzywinski+Pons
  • Location: Long Island City, 49-13 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA
  • Area: 48000.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Floto + Warner

© Floto + Warner © Floto + Warner © Floto + Warner © Floto + Warner

US Pavilion Summons Architects Interested in Participating at 2016 Venice Biennale

The US Pavilion for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale has launched a call for submissions to all architects interested in participating in The Architectural Imagination. The exhibition will present speculative architectural projects commissioned for specific sites in Detroit but with far-reaching application for cities around the world." Curators Cynthia Davidson and Monica Ponce de Leon will commission 12 US architects to "produce new work that demonstrates the creativity and resourcefulness of architecture to address the social and environmental issues of the 21st century." Each of the 12 projects will be exhibited in the pavilion and documented in an exhibition cataLog, a special issue of the journal Log.

The curators are looking for design excellence, innovative speculative thinking, and architectural expertise in built and/or unbuilt work. Read on to learn more. 

Praia Dos Lagos Residence / Sotero Arquitetos

  • Architects: Sotero Arquitetos
  • Location: Camaçari - BA, Brasil
  • Technical Responsibility: Adriano Mascarenhas
  • Team: aulo Coelho, Thiago Esposito, Valentin Alban, Luciana Queiroz
  • Project Area: 646.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

© Leonardo Finotti © Leonardo Finotti © Leonardo Finotti © Leonardo Finotti

Superstudio- and Lebbeus Woods-Inspired Projections Light Up the Karlsruhe Palace

As part of the ongoing festivities celebrating Karlsruhe's 300th anniversary (KA300), the German city's central palace is being illuminated nightly with projections inspired by Italian 70s architecture group Superstudio and Lebbeus Woods. The elaborate installation, the Schlosslichtspiele is showcasing the work of nine prominent artists and artist groups - all of whom uniquely explore the "depths and shallows" of the Karlsruhe Palace with their visual art.

Read on to watch a video of the projections.

Blackbird House / Will Bruder Architects

© Bill Timmerman © Bill Timmerman © Bill Timmerman © Bill Timmerman

AD Essentials: China

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Huinganal School / Re Arquitectos

  • Architects: Re Arquitectos
  • Location: Panorámica Sur, Lo Barnechea, Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • Architects In Charge : Rodrigo Errazuriz H, Felipe Carvallo W, Eduardo Labra B, Ivan Farias V, Pablo Phillips R, Giulio Di Guiseppe V.
  • Area: 4567.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photography: Estudio Ibañez

© Estudio Ibañez © Estudio Ibañez © Estudio Ibañez © Estudio Ibañez

Video: How London’s Sightlines Are Affecting its Architectural Design

The city of London has been growing rapidly in the past decade, and with the help of New London Architecture's large-scale urban model of the city, some strange and interesting trends can be seen. Since the advent of ever-taller buildings, London has put laws into place to prevent views to historically significant buildings like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Parliament Building from being blocked. As a result, strangely-shaped designs like the Leadenhall Building, endearingly referred to as the “cheese grater” by Londoners, have emerged as a way to work around the sightlines enforced by the city. Watch the video above for more on this interesting design dilemma.