Andalsnes Master Plan proposal / Jagnefält Milton

Rolling Hotel ©

Swedish architects Jagnefält Milton shared with us their proposal, awarded with the third prize in an open international master plan competition for the city of Åndalsnes in Norway.

A little description and more images after the break.

Master Plan Area

Our master plan proposal for the Norwegian city of Åndalsnes turns the old industry train tracks into a new kind of infrastructure for mobile buildings that can be rolled back and forth depending on seasons and situations. For example, we propose a rolling hotel, a rolling public bath and a rolling concert hall.

Rolling Public Bath © Jagnefält Milton

According to the Jury Report the jury appreciated that we did not propose new city blocks, public squares, boardwalks etcetera, but instead focused entirely on the existing rail road network and created something unexpected from it. They were also moved by the presentation material which they thought had a surreal mood with a magic and Tarkovsky-esk atmosphere that contrasted well with the sober and technical plans and axonometric drawings.

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "Andalsnes Master Plan proposal / Jagnefält Milton" 27 Dec 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Holcim Awards US

    This is a fascinating concept with provocative imagery. Almost every city has railroad tracks cutting through it. This sort of mobile development could be replicated around the world.
    Reusing old industrial land is also a sustainable strategy, opposed to further developing suburban green field sites.
    This would be an excellent submission to the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction:

    • op

      please stop promoting those awards, I’m sick of it.

      Great proposal Milton.

    • David

      Please continue promoting those awards until we start thinking more about sustainable strategies for a greener Earth and creating a smaller carbon footprint. I would prefer we not contribute to an already bloated greenhouse effect no matter how irritating it is to people who could care less.

    • op

      Greener future is one thing and promotion of the event is different especialy when it is promoted by spaming childish waka waka stuff on every archdaily post. just stop it.
      when greener future became such a sick pop thing forgetting other designs aspects and complexity of the problems?

      When Kenzo Tange said that “Only beautifull can be functional” I thought about contemporary version: “Only beautifull can be sustainable”.

      Blue is a new red, isn’t it?

  • bLogHouse

    Probably the best urban concept I’ve seen so far in ArchDaily!

  • lewi


  • enrico

    This is madness! A very interesting one anyway.

  • Feña

    Just beautiful!

  • Viggo

    It is a project which is very easy to like because of its cuteness and human scale. However, I do not think the typological diversity represented in the program plan-diagram is visible in the proposed design, which has a rather homogenous and reductive expression. A truly nomadic development would lead to a more differentiated and individual character of the elements.

  • James

    A rolling hotel? Come on! Can you imagine how frustrating it could be to arrive in town looking for a hotel with not even the locals knowing it’s exact whereabouts? Interesting concept but totally impractical

  • Giacomo Gola

    Is this project really gonna be real?
    are these all renders?

    great idea btw

  • Tabita Carvalho

    This project is amazing for his simplicity and creativity! But anyone knows how are the sewer systems? ;)

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