M11 House / a21 studio


Architects: a21 studio
Location: Thu Duc district, Hochiminh city,
Project area: 117 sqm
Project year: 2008 – 2009
Photographs: a21 studio

© a21 studio

M11 house is located in a residential area of HoChiMinh’s suburban. By using natural materials as wood and stone, utilizing top lights as well as placing small green-courtyards inside the house, the architect wants to bring out elegant and peaceful spaces to the client who can leave all his tiring behind after a long working day to enjoy his own space in a noise and polluted environment of a developing city.

Cite: "M11 House / a21 studio" 26 Dec 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=98450>
  • huytruong

    Congratulation for this first one on Archdaily.

  • chau tran

    is it the first work of architects from Ho Chi Minh city on this website??

    • TrG

      Yes I think

      • huytruong

        not the first, the good quality one.

  • hangtran

    the first one is Rock office (on 23rd Dec 2010
    ) the same architect.

  • amonang

    WOW.. beautiful in inside…

    but, from outside, front side, it’s like FORT..
    why this house so isolated ?
    security consideration ?
    does its neighbourhood can’t be explored ??

    i thing we live with community & nature

    • huytruong

      this house may be one of the first residents in the area under development. There is no surrounding yet, if so you may notice the relationship of the facade with others.

  • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

    A lot of nice details… I like stained gate… bed with wooden boards as the basement… stone garden with white sand… Generally, architects should ask professional fotografer for magazin quality pictures…

  • / Biljana


  • shetu

    peaceful interiors.Very efficient use of set back.

  • tcl

    Overall, this looks like a beautiful, modern home! A few comments/questions:

    . I love the extensive use of wood slats and floor but does wood hold up well in tropical and humid country like Vietnam?
    . Personally, I think the exposed cylinder blocks and the metal garage door does not match well with a very modern looking front elevation of the house
    . The like the extensive use of glass to allow light into the house; however, I think the glass wall in the bathroom and bedroom should be one-side/one-way glass so you can see from inside out but not outside in
    . The kitchen seems very small and claustrophobic; also, the entry to the kitchen, bedroom, and up-stair would likely create traffic jam.
    . All the interior wood doors seem to be frame-less with no door knobs. Are they designed to be push and pull?
    . Does this house not have a front entry door?
    . The wooden slat on the ceiling are beautiful; however, they seem to cover the light bulbs. Are there opening to change light bulbs?
    . I would love to see photos of the pond on the 3rd floor
    . Some of the photos are hard to determine the viewing angle so they are difficult to be used to walk through the house.
    . Need more attention to details when taking photos: the toilet seat is up in one photo; shoes are seen in another photos; and there are people in some other photos.

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  • bkmy

    Need better pictures!!!

  • http://www.vietstyle.asia Michael

    Beautiful !
    architect myself based in Ho Chi Minh city, I can say this project is a really successful one compare the poor quality around and the difficult challenge to get the good detail with construction contractors here. Congratulations !

  • luong canhhung

    Congratulations ! nice building