Aurland public toilets / Saunders arkitektur & Wilhelmsen arkitektur

As we already published the Aurland Look out project by Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen, we are featuring now the public toilets included on that amazing wooden platform.

More pictures and drawings after the break.

From the Look out text:

“The architecture of the public toilet is opposite of the lookout. While the lookout is light looking the pubic toilet is black painted that is more heavy and solid in appearance. The building is pushed slightly over the edge. The gives it drama yet also creates a facade that is inaccessible to the public. People can look out to the great view from inside the toilets, but no one can look in.”

Cite: "Aurland public toilets / Saunders arkitektur & Wilhelmsen arkitektur" 04 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Martin


  • Contemporary Art

    Gorgeous views. This reminds me of the trio of Mockbee toilets in Alabama. One has a similarly scenic view, and one is a tower with an open roof that frames the sky. Nice project!

  • Richie

    Beautiful work. I’m not sure that it seems right to have public toilets be so prominent in the landscape though (if the surroundings are as unspoilt as they appear)..?

  • CK TheJunction

    Breathtaking, wonderful and i dont know any other word for that.

  • Cameron

    Now what more can I say, but art can also be functional!

  • musser

    the new castle. solitude. and solid-tude. adore this. i want to live here.

  • Benjamin

    what a shame it’s a toilet…

  • Greg

    Love it, and the couple heading into the toilet… guess they love it too.

  • blowback

    Now if you could look at the full view while sat on the crapper, that would be perfection.

  • aleph187b

    y a les fosses d’aisance et puis y a les fenêtres sur le monde toute une différence…

  • meangene

    its cold up there. be careful that your cheeks don’t freeze to the seat

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  • gilberto camargo amorocho

    Excelente diseño y espectacular visual que cultivan asepsia.

  • JRameau

    so reminisce of the Peter Zumpthor’s Baths in Vals

  • Tom Cavill

    wow, even the aurland lookout’s loo is beaut

  • Design Pomegranate

    Public toilets, at their best.

  • greek quote

    xese pshla ki agnanteue

  • Mr. Cheap

    Wilhelmsens stupid vision coming true : “I want the roof, the wall and the floor to be just one element” … He does this in everything he does. So funny folding shit today too … biiiip.

  • majchers

    What an amazing s**t house! Great job guys! I wish I could use it one day…

  • Z

    A great russian comedian once said; you can tell the wellbeing of a nation/people by the design of their toilets..
    clearly awesome

  • daiber

    every one is beeing kinda zumthorish lately, just in the cosmetic aspect, but I like this project anyway.

  • Bonnie Newman

    New blog about the Aurland lookout/public toilets in Norway such a BEAUTIFUL view.

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  • R Goldschmidt

    Great project, cool toilet and view.

  • vahid ostadzadeh

    cool.very nice

  • ayah samarah

    really nice!!!

  • Jan Eivind Braatlund

    Fantastic! What a view from a toilet!

  • Tony Gambrah

    i am amazed…this will make you feel at home