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"Pinar de Perruquet" Park / Arteks Arquitectura

  • Architects: Arteks Arquitectura
  • Location: La Pineda, Vila-seca, Catalonia, Spain
  • Architect: ARTEKS Arquitectura
  • Architects In Charge: Gerard Veciana Membrado & Elisabet Faura Pavia
  • Arteks Collaborators: Elena Berri, Laia Esteban,Gemma Roca, Carlos Cobreros, Fermin Sánchez, Alex Miralles, Ricard Blanco, Miquel Mercè, Manuel González
  • Pergola Engineering: Amatria Engineering - J.M velasco
  • Facilities Engineering: Javier Penalba
  • Area: 28000.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2008

Pinar de Perruquet Park / Arteks Arquitectura Pinar de Perruquet Park / Arteks Arquitectura Pinar de Perruquet Park / Arteks Arquitectura Pinar de Perruquet Park / Arteks Arquitectura

From the architect. In Mediterranean peri-urban littoral, the pollution of maritime aerosol affects the survival and the growth of pines and other plants.

In this way, create an extension forest, like the existent one is not viable!

The canopy is the architectural element with more references to a tree.

The Pillars

One of the most characteristic signs of the littoral pine is its light inclination in direction of the dominant wind. This wind is the cause of the impossibility to replant pines. This verticality contrasts with the horizon line of the sea.

The Cover

To create a shade by means of the pegola who remembers) the shade of the pinegrove.

Undulation, movement, the canopy is made by a hexagonal grid of fibreglass (Material resistant to the marine salt) that moves lightly with hard wind. Mounted like a "mecano", very fast, the time is spend in design.

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