Ira Residence / Andy Rahman

© Indiga Ikhlasani

Architects: Andy Rahman Architect
Location: Surabaya, East Java,
Project area: 180 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Indiga Ikhlasani

© Indiga Ikhlasani

Ira residence is a typical urban contemporary style house. Looks provocative is the spirit of the owner of a dynamic lifestyle and love with new things.


Located in a residential area in East Surabaya, this house manages to look attractive in the middle of the Mediterranean-style residential neighborhood. The owners wanted a modern house can arise among their neighborhood because they are bored with Mediterranean-style home design.

© Indiga Ikhlasani

The House is oriented towards to the East, where the wind blows from, East to West, this is our attempt as a potential entry into the design of this House. Formation of three-dimensional on the front facade serves as a ‘wind catcher’, so the House even without air conditioning will remain keep cool temperature. Because of the wind catcher is able to work optimally, so the air circulation inside house, can be optimal.

© Indiga Ikhlasani
© Indiga Ikhlasani

We design the arrangement of space by optimizing lighting and air circulation. So this house could live comfortably for the occupants.

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  • ico cakep

    Whoaaa…Another one of master piece…!!
    Congrats boss..! ^^

  • sures

    the design doesn’t look like in a tropic area, it just another interesting shape which can be built in everywhere, the architect should be sensitive with the surrounding esp. in tropic area.

    • sloaiza

      I disagreewith you, coz i dont see anywhere the tropical location you are seeing. All i see is a residential area. Just look at the google maps photo and the house beside it. Not all architecture in indonesia has to be “tropical” that just an stereotype.

      And btw! i love the rocksunder the stair. It make the space more “natural”.

  • nico

    The detail of the front facade make me think about the recent parking lot in San Francisco

  • R Goldschmidt

    maybe it could look like: Hotel Duke in Bucharest Romania( But it is a great house, even it is in a tropic area, and it isn’t looking like vegas style, or parking :)). Please people. I really like this one. Great forms, and beautiful facade (even 5% of red are in there, like in painting). Great job.

    • ico cakep

      Thanks before…This house has a meaning in the facade, this facade as a wind catcher, so air circulation inside the house can be circulate better than normal house in modern style..
      Its suitable with tropical area :)

  • up_today_arch

    The architect just likes russian constructivism… isn’t it?:)))… and besides outside style is different to interior style… constructivism and ar-deco…