ANZ Centre / Hassell

© Earl Carter

Architects: Hassell
Location: 833 Collins Street, , VIC, Australia
Client: ANZ
Access Consultant: Morris Goding Accessibility Consulting
Acoustics Consultant: Marshall Day Acoustics
Building Certifier: PLP Building Surveyors & Consultants
Communications and audio-visual: Umow Lai Associates
Environmental Engineer: Lend Lease design (Sustainable Design)
Environmental graphics and wayfinding: Fabio Ongarato Design
Fire engineering & mechanical design overview: Norman Disney Young
Hydraulics Engineer: CLG Plumbing
Kitchen Consultant: Sangster Design Group
Lighting Consultant: Lend Lease design
Lighting Consultant: NDY Light
Main Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Mechanical/Electrical/Security services: Umow Lai Associates
Project Manager: Bovis Lend Lease
Storage Consultant: P2M
Structural Engineer: Winward Structures
Workplace Advisor: DEGW
Project area: 130,000 sqm
Project year: 2006 – 2010
Photographs: Earl Carter

© Earl Carter

ANZ Centre is one of the most open and permeable banking headquarters in the world. Rarely – if ever before – has a bank invited the public into the heart of its workplace. This ‘urban campus’ houses 6,500 people – as many as a small town – within the largest single-tenanted commercial office building in Australia. Incorporating a raft of first time green initiatives, the building is also a global environmental and social sustainability benchmark.

© Earl Carter

Located in Melbourne’s Docklands, the building’s fluid forms are inspired by its riverside setting and the external colour palette is derived from nature, ranging from earth tones at ground level to light blue sky references at the upper levels.

upper ground floor plan

Despite its large scale, ANZ Centre provides an opportunity to make small scale engagements with its local community. The building form steps down to engage with the waterfront and operate as a permeable extension of the existing urban precinct. Building character changes from floor-to-floor with large floors at lower levels and smaller floors at upper levels.

© Earl Carter
© Earl Carter

The ‘urban campus’ concept focuses around a central publicly accessible ‘common’, bringing the community into the organisation’s heart and creating a lively ground-level hub including cafes, public art and visitor centre. This demonstrates a bold new direction for a banking institution seeking to balance the need for security with the desire to demonstrate transparency and openness.

© Earl Carter

ANZ Centre includes innovative energy, water and waste management initiatives and was awarded a 6 Star Green Star Office Design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

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    Can some one tell me about the climate inside the building?

    What do the users think about it? i could imagine that it is very windy inside?

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    Brilliant. Overwhelmed by the optimistic character of such a large space. Shared and social spaces are often built on a smaller personal scale, but this is an fine example of what is indeed possible to build and experience on a very large scale. This is a building that should be watched over time to discover how people adapt to it and viceversa.

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    So this is where ANZ Bank 4 Billion Dollar Profit is going?????

    During the Global Financial Meltdown must I add…. Amazing how all Australian Banks have been building Huge Headquarters taking up many big city blocks!

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      JT – it’s where 1 billion profit went, for sure. Profits = new architecture, and in this case a world class environment for their workers. Problem with that on any level?

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    Do people actually work in this building? Seems like reading the newspaper is priority number 1 at ANZ.

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    Just finished working at this building. Climate is great, lighting and facilities are excellent. All of the areas in these photos are actually quite under utilised. Some of the seating and break-out areas are a little too forward thinking for what is ultimately a stuffy company culture so not too many people use them. Everyday was an adventure in there though.

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    quite the exuberant setup, offering a very pleasantly open workplace, and the finishes just come in and put this architectural experience over the top..

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    this is quit special office, it makes to think out of the box. it changes the experience and the feeling of a bank or office. the differentiation of private and public activeness and spaces by colors and visual connections….. that was awesome.

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    Hi there. Has anyone come across any other case studies of office buildings also offering public facilities just like ANZ Docklands? Thanks!

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