Eden Bio / Edouard François [Updated]

© Patrycja Ogonowska

Designed by architect Edouard François, Eden Bio housing complex includes 100 housing units, 52 parking spaces, artists’ studios, along with community gathering spaces for local activities. The architect created a contemporary design with a pastiche of old Paris style.

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Architects: Edouard François
Location: Paris,
Client: OPAC de Paris
Project Area: 7,700 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Patrycja Ogonowska

© Patrycja Ogonowska

The project is somewhat a maze of stairs, a mixture of concrete and wood latice, coupled with vertical timber extensions gracing the exteriors of the housing units. The wood fencing lining the sidewalk somehow seems to work well with the colors of terra cotta in the roofing and window boxes, and varied shades of gray as siding.

© Patrycja Ogonowska

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  • James

    The main image reminds me more of a shanty town in india than anything else

  • Allan

    It’s like under construction. I wouldn’t live there, although one side of the facades seems nice.

  • R. Girardin

    This is a what we frenche call a publicitary “coup”.

    Everyone is talking about ecological houses, so he gaves the stereotype of a low tech/cost thing and design it in a very rude way to say : “hey look i made it look like emergency architecture”, like if design was something only for the bloody rich people of this planet who rules the world.

    Anyway, edouard francois is always in this kind of shoking images, and it seems it’s working : i’m loosing my time writing about him..

  • me

    hei girardin, yeah, u r losing ur time.
    too bad u dont manage to understand architecture outside your own field of view.
    good luck!

  • Archopping

    please,tell me more about this architecture.
    i need more explanations.

  • vuvu

    @James & Allan
    it might be worth checking out the scheme design images to understand why it looks the way it does. As you say it looks ‘under construction’ and it actually is, as in time the plants will grow and the facades will become lush with vegetation.

  • Kanenas

    No plans ???
    No Architecture then. No way to comment.

  • http://www.julioramirezbruna.com Julio Ramirez Bruna

    what a beautiful facade… the fact of look like it where under construction is the main thing…….It’s quite avantagard

  • joe malaysia

    if the author tell me they are built from recycle material… it will be a excellent project based on my opinion