Juvet Landscape Hotel / JSA

Architects: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor
Location: Gudbrandsjuvet,
Design Period: 2004-2007
Construction period: 2007-2008
Client: Knut Slinning
Project Architects: Jan Olav Jensen (pl), Børre Skodvin, Torunn Golberg Helge Lunder, Torstein Koch; Thomas Knigge
Budget: 1.000.000 EURO (US $1.28 millions)
Constructed Area: 800 sqm
Photographs: JSA

One of the local residents at Gudbrandsjuvet, Knut Slinning, is building a landscape hotel. The idea emerged at another site, Aurland, but was not realized there.

Basically each room is a detached small independent house with one, or sometimes two of the walls constructed in glass. The landscape in which these rooms are placed is by most people considered spectacularly beautiful and varied and the topography allows a layout where no room looks at another. In this way every room gets its own surprising view of a dramatic piece of landscape, always changing with the weather and the time of the day and the season.

Cite: "Juvet Landscape Hotel / JSA" 10 Nov 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 02 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=8600>


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    looks like a very sensitive area… and the building looks as if minimises the impact on the environment but all images only show the less intrusive side. Can you post more images or site plan to confirm if this is not just a ‘trick’ to minimise visual impact? well crafted though

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    It seems fine. Lovely. Beautiful even. But, I think I could have spent 1.28 million dollars more effectively. Someone did some fast talking on this one.

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    Musser you clearly have no idea how much things cost. Don’t worry, you will when you graduate.

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    comment directly from norway for the ”graduated” and ”not graduated visitors”!!!! :)

    the main reason for at this building costs so much, its because it was built in NORWAY.
    This doesnt have anything to do with quality or quantity….. nor you have to be a genius or graduated architect to know that this could have been built for half the price in any other country.

    Norway is the most expensive country in the world (in some ranking is the 2, or the 3, but mostly the 1), so everything costs way more here than anywhere else……….plus, this was built somewhere in the woods, so take in consideration transportation costs and all that!!!

    and please keep up the funny usually sarcastic comments, i just love them!!!

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    I think that some of the comments above have missed the whole concept of this landscape HOTEL… when I first saw it, I thought it to be a cool little house. After seeing the cost I was astounded until I realized that it is 800 sqm of construction and actually a series of rooms spread throughout the landscape. I think as designers, criticisms spew easily, compliments seem rare. To that end, I think this is very cool, very simple, very minimal in its approach. Well done. $1.28 million well spent. Would be a cool place to stay.

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    Wow… beautiful design.

    I really love how the windows make the outside seem so close to the inside.. its basically like living in a tent.. only a million times better.

    Congrats to the architects.

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    Well, coming from Norway this does not strike me as very expensive…

    Anyway, thank you Woolzerinoos for sharing the site plan – it was really clarifying! Would advise the fantastic people at archdaily to include it in the article.

    Would also like to use the opportunity to thank you for giving us this daily feed of architecture – your site is really, really good!

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    Beautiful project! The construction costs likely do not include FF&E, which would have added another 40% to the total cost…

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    Brilliant solution and beautiful. But I’m worried about the birds don’t they easily hit the windows because of the reflections? What is the death rate sofar?

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    Absolutely superb ! At last a posh hotel that you would actually want to stay in. Imagine a romantic weekend in the silent forests of Norway…
    I love the contrast between the wet and muddy landscape and the warm and comfortable interior, it would be like hiking in slippers and pjs…

    More seriously, check out the church near Oslo also by Jansen & Skodvin. Gaps in a dry stone wall filter the light like the stained glass of a cathedral… Fantastic work.

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    I am just coming back from it
    it IS amasing

    unfortunately the place is still in construction and you cannot sleep there if you want to; and, after seeing most of the norwegian camp sites and hotels in the fjords area – believe me, you really want to stay at this place!

    congratulations to the architects! you did a great job! (the owner also thougt so)

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    I’d have to acknowledge with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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