One Roof Apartment / Akihisa Hirata

© Toshiyuki Yano

Architects: Akihisa Hirata
Location: Niigata,
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Toshiyuki Yano


Since there is a lot of snow in winter, terraces are not suitable. We wanted to create a huge roof for the house volumes, which can cover the common space protected from the cold weather.

© Toshiyuki Yano
© Toshiyuki Yano
plan 01

When the normal cubic volume diverges, a space will be formed in between and people feel welcomed by the warm and large space. The unique branched shape from the outside will symbolize as a comfortable place in a contemporary way.

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    The front facade looks rather flat and boring…something that may be looked at as horrific in ten years.

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    What a great idea of the form and plan in general.
    The interior facade looks livable and clear. But i did not like the idea of the unorganized windows that make me feel pain in my eyes every time i look to the building.

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    @”Fred” and “ko”

    Looks like-not at all. You have no grasp of architecture. You say “looks like…”-that’s the proof. Maybe someday you’ll understand…
    You silly little LOOKSLIKEGUYS :P

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    the exterior is not that exciting, but the interior is exceptional.
    The play with the light and those triangular lightshafts are simply amazing. Simple design with great effect.
    From the practical point of view and the final touches, it could have been a little more work put into it, finalizing with a brilliant outcome.

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    first i would like to say that those who said cube building or simple design is a traditional way of designing can see what cube building can come up with. simple exterior shape that cut from a specific vertical line with artistic imagination in interior, expose this design in way to represnt that simple shape can be a creative box in design.

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    I really loved this building, it’s an exceptional building. The use of the white color gives it a unique look. Although the elevation and the wall are very simple but the design of the windows make it attractive.

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    the random distribution of the windows in the facade with the irregular shape of them are creating interesting shape added to it the V shape opening to break the continuity of the facade.

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    you guys
    always look just its form
    many of ur ref. have different spatail quality to this project
    and very different design concept

    that’s why they show those images to us
    the interior images

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