House on the Castle Mountainside / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

© Fernando Alda

Architects: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Location: Ayora, Valencia,
Project Architects: Fran Silvestre , Mª José Sáez
Project Team: Pedro Vicente López López, José Ángel Ruíz Millo, José Vicente Miguel López, Fernando Usó Martín, Javier Cardós Elena
Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann
Site Area: 477 sqm
Project Area: 230 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Fernando Alda

The building is located in a landscape of unique beauty, the result of a natural and evident growth. The mountain, topped by a castle, is covered by a blanket housing through a system of aggregation by simple juxtaposition of pieces generated fragmented target tissue that adapts to the topography.

floor plans
© Fernando Alda

The project proposes to integrate into the environment, respecting their strategies of adaptation to the environment and materials away from the mimesis that would lead to misleading historicism, and showing the time constructively to meet the requirements of the “new people.” In this way the house is conceived as a piece placed on the ground, joining in the gap. A piece built on the same white lime, the same primacy of the massif on the opening, which takes the edge of the site to have their holes and integrated into the fragmentation of the environment.

© Fernando Alda
© Fernando Alda

The indoor space is divided by the void that is the core of communication cut parallel disposition of the mountain without touching it. On the ground floor are the garage and cellar, on a volume it has two floors with four rooms. Two of them, the rooms at the intermediate level are open to the private street, the other two on the upper level overlook above the houses opposite, the Valley of Ayora. One of them, the study is opened in turn to the central double height, incorporating it into their space. Across the gap, and on the mountain, are the areas facing the garden day illuminated by light reflected on the south slope of the castle oxidized.

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  • luca

    this house just left me speechless……..


      GREAT HOUSE !!!

  • Andrew

    My furniture wouldn’t work at all in this house.

    • h.a.

      is that actually a critic?

      I think it is incredibly sharp and well designed as a space or volume in relation to light and landscape.

      Not sure about how liveable it is, but may be the case that the pictures were taken before the house was ocupied. It is really amazing how this kind of houses improve when they are full of everyday life objects. For example the turegano house by Alberto Campo Baeza, which I visited, is fantastic now with all the paintings, books, etc

  • Aarón On

    this is an example when the geometry development is generative, the base of the living process, and generate an holistic product, like an organism. nice work!

  • h_n_s

    like a crystal emerging out of rock

  • max


    nothing special.

  • up_today_arch

    This one is realy may be coll origami house… made looks like perfect paper model…

  • architect

    i sense Siza inspiration on this one.

    anyway, i think it ended up very good in this context, though it’s not that creative if you think/look at current’s architectural practices.

  • Wasan

    love at first sign <3

  • marcobarbier

    wonderful. Really inspiring.