Stone Creek Camp / Andersson Wise Architects

© Art Gray

Architects: Andersson Wise Architects
Location: Bigfork, Montana,
Project Team: Arthur Andersson, Chris Wise, Christopher Sanders, Becky Joye
Contractor: Bigfork Builders, Martel Construction
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Art Gray

master house floor plan

This remote Montana Camp is situated along a sloping hill, leading visitors to discover the site progressively. From the gatehouses, a path leads down the hill to the master house, main lodge, and guesthouse. The buildings offer warm, almost cave-like spaces as well as expansive porches, open to the views and sunlight. Small windows and thick walls facing into the slope of the site are contrasted with entire walls that open up towards the lake. Inhabitants may choose to be outdoors while inside by sliding open walls or moving outside to spaces that are more civilized than the outlying wilderness. Similarly, with each bedroom’s separate screened-in space, it is always possible to sleep in nature and yet still be secure within the building.

© Art Gray

The materials and textures of these buildings connect them to the site. The effect is paradoxical: despite their size, the camp’s large structures seem to emerge from the rock, , and grasses that surround them. Like the lake, they feel as if they have been – and will be – here forever.

© Art Gray
© Art Gray
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  • Nico

    Beautiful use of materials!..

  • Texas Ranger

    Damn. Texas is not only what they show in the movies and TV.
    Cordell Walker would be a poet-fisherman in this scenery.

    Beautiful house. Wonderful landscape.
    Huge master bedroom/closet/bathroom.

    • Texas Ranger

      I was hoping it was Texas! lol

      It´s just on the other side of America. Could it be more distant? Only if it were in Alaska…

      Oh, well. I guess Chuck Norris sneezed during the night and when he woke up they were on Montana, house included.

  • cl

    brilliant in many ways. I love the window that slides down the house for open air dining… window slides down, guard rail slides up…! the master bedroom is incredible, especially the “sleeping porch!” the whole thing is awesome… I could totally hang out there!

  • TF

    sorry Texas, Just checked the website for Andersson Wise…I believe this project is located in Montana, not Texas.

  • Flick

    Simply awesome. Modern design but with rugged and rustic features. Truly remarkable. I’m forwarding this one to my friends and relatives to see.

  • Anson

    Yep. This is definitely in Bigfork Montana, not Texas.

  • speedwing

    it’s montana and for sale.

  • fact check

    May want to rewrite your text, as you’re describing a totally different project of AWA’s (Temple Ranch).

  • Travis

    This project is in Montana – not Texas. ArchDaily has mixed up the pictures and information of two of our projects. Editors, please fix this and repost.

  • architect

    beautiful use of materials and i have to agree that the master bedroom is quite big.

    would love to see details on how the ‘shelved’ wood is built and how it works in terms of isolation..

    • Paul

      Hello, was wondering if you by any chance found out eventually some details on the way the wood is shelved and how it works in terms of insulation…–

      I am very intrigued myself…

  • sam

    I’m curious about the wood too. Beautiful, but there’s a pretty good reason why we generally try to protect its end grain. Wonder what the trick is.

    • Paul

      Any chance of finding the details on how the wood wall was put?

      I’m wondering if there’s any sort of mortar/ glue involved…

  • lemi

    havnet seen anything this restrained and poetic from america for decades

  • RPG

    Very interesting project. Beautiful use of materials. Photos are excellent but do not show the whole project, only bits.