Mirindaba House / Marcio Kogan

© Nelson Kon

Architect: Marcio Kogan
Location: Sao Paulo,
Co-Author: Renata Furlanetto
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler
Project Team: Beatriz Meyer, Carolina Castroviejo, Eduardo Chalabi, Eduardo Glycerio, Gabriel Kogan, Lair Reis, Luciana Antunes, Maria Cristina Motta, Mariana Simas, Oswaldo Pessano, Samanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski
Landscape Architect: Renata Tilli
General Contractor: Lock Engenharia
Site Area: 832 sqm
Project Area: 1,070 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Nelson Kon

Although the imaginary and the discourse are also forms of doing architecture, it is the construction, the material, which is most directly associated to its essence. The critics coined the words brick and mortar as syntheses of various processes which envelop architecture into human knowledge. The construction, contrary to how it initially may sound, is not merely a group of actions practiced on a site, or the work that directly produces the materiality of the architecture. The construction, before all else, is a projective intellectual undertaking: the drawing organizes the production and elucidates the creation. There is no way to separate the practical inventiveness of the stone mason from the intellectual inventiveness of the architecture. They merge together in the construction.

ground floor plan
first floor plan
second floor plan

A good construction, therefore, assumes not only choice production know-how, but also a clear resolute drawing. The drawing requires knowledge of the means to accomplish it, knowledge of the materials and the practical execution, as well as the knowledge of the language of drawing. In a good construction all of these elements inter-relate, without any restraints.

© Nelson Kon

The Cury House is an impressive example of construction, good drawing and good execution on building the architecture. The details, exhaustively and precisely drawn are fulfilled in a perfect execution. The use of materials, the shape, the intention of the drawing, quietly materialize, as thoughts on a drawing board. This precise drawing glimmers in the architectural detail. Each small re-entering angle of the house was deliberately thought out.

© Nelson Kon

The cleanliness and the organization of the project are evident in the finished house. The qualified labor works as meticulously as handicraft artists, finally giving weight, shape and color to the architecture. The project, it can be said, is not industrialized. Above all, it is a project, the same of which can be said for the majority of Brazilian constructions, of unrelated units frequently consisting of special and unique constructive components.

Immediately to the right, in the entrance of the house, a large living-room completely opens, using two window-frame moldings that are entirely built into the wall, creating cross-ventilation and an area of continuum space that is totally free. There is no structural interference in this space. The living room opens to a delicate wooden-floored garden with a reflecting pool and minimum vegetation. The perfection of the execution, the surprisingly free and continuous space and the play of volumes; invoke a cinematographic atmosphere. The constructive materiality meets with a said imaginary architecture.

© Nelson Kon

A small atrium articulates the remaining areas: the way to the dining room and to the kitchen and, vertically, to the other places programmed into the house. On the first story are the intimate areas and, on the second, a more reserved social area. In this room, two large wooden lath doors open to a deck which, on one side, a beautiful view of the city and, on the other, a view of the garden which, downstairs, is protracted from the living room. Upstairs, the precision of the drawing and the execution continues to impress and create the cinematographic atmosphere of the house.

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  • ethan


    Where does he come up with works like this? They are similar but simple and elegant, it’s genius.

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      Easy… heck I could do that.

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    another boring house, maybe something new…

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    Excellent house!

    Dear Nico the name is worng, is Mirindiba House.

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    another one.


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    this house never stops to amaze me … despite the countless times I’ve seen it.
    this guy is the reincarnation of Mies. Brilliant … flawless …

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    Good, but always the same! You´re gone!

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    i love the long “bay” window. beautiful modern interpretation

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    great mastership… No mistakes…

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    The beam clad in stone looks very unnatural and unsettling to me. Everything else is extremely neat, as in all his houses.