House 2 / Eduardo Berlin Razmilic

Architect: Eduardo Berlin Razmilic
Location: Las Condes, Santiago,
Client: Withheld
Technical Advisors: Eduardo Valenzuela, Gonzalo Santolaya, Juan Grimm
Site Area: 1.600 sqm
Constructed Area: 600 sqm + terraces
Project year: 2005
Construction year: 2006 – 2008
Main Materials: Nude Concrete, Stone & Glass
Photographs: Sebastián Sepúlveda & Eduardo Berlin

Through an unconventional implantation, House 2 articulates the house’s every-day program in a single level. Opposing the site’s natural slope, the house and garden develop 3,5 meters above street level, via an elemental ground operation that transforms the preexistent rise in two main horizontal plans, above and below. Both realms are gradually articulated by architectural operations.

sections 01

More than a parking lot, the 500 square meter court, porous and transparent, amounts to an access plaza, carefully designed and partially sheltered by the second’s level large volume. This liberated place directs the observer toward the Central , open at the center of the second level volume, and manifest in the plaza by a rectangular water tank. This not only articulates the houses three stories, but also generates it’s entrance through the staircase.

The program’s proposition is clear and simple: one walkway circumscribed to the Patio, and articulated by the family room, meeting place by definition and reinforced by this duality of passing versus staying.

As in a screenplay, this circulation tells the story of the program in absolute equal terms: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, terrace, etc., create all possible programmatic relations without interference. Thus the house scale is preserved in a rectangular single story program holding over 500 square meters, with large spaces, with control levels common to compact projects, but autonomies common to disaggregated plans.

The third level holds a den and a large open terrace that dominates the Andes views and the abundant vegetation. This roof terrace relates to the lower level through circular perforations in the floor/ceiling contributing light but also showing each other reciprocally thus anticipating the whole through allusive fragments that allow our minds to reconstruct it.

By this unusual implantation, House Two relates and governs over three grand exterior spaces (plaza, garden, and roof terrace) allowing exteriors for an area equivalent to the original empty site’s of 1,600 square meters.

In a minor scale, the house presents itself with simple Cartesian lines, net spaces, and rigorous studies on perforation of vertical planes. Most details lie in the very essence of the nude concrete applications, reflecting particular emphasis in material junctions and encounters in order to maintain elements at a minimum.

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  • Javi

    Amazing, good work!!!!

  • clee

    im just a curious architecture student. but does the photo show that the stair way is leading up to no overhead which means it would allow the rain and weather to be invited into the home?

    • H Roth

      Nude Concrete! Yes, and beautiful work, Congratulations!

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  • Kansas

    To Clee,

    It certainly has an overhead. Look at section I-I.

  • hedgy

    I like the circle shaped roof openings, they spread the light into the house quite nice, i had use the same technique in making a plan for a soda factory last year.

  • Pierre

    officially the house of my dreams. great work guys, i love your blog

  • Davod

    Nice job, I remembered fall water House

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  • moein

    Its ok.

  • Hamster

    Nice house and excelent distribution…but a bit heavy (visualy speaking)…too much concrete I guess.

  • Richard M

    A timeless work. This is a clear example of how a pure, abstract and apparently simple “exercise” can come through. My compliments to the team!


  • len

    amazing dream house. Clear and certain decisions make this house a statement. Reminds me of marcel breuers’ trailer house. GR8!

  • dorna

    The house of my dreamssssssssssssssss

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  • Enmanuel Larios

    Un muy buen trabajo, la manera de utlizar el entorno, los niveles, cada espacio…los felicito¡¡¡

  • charlie

    Unbelievable detail and neatness. Powerful example of an undying paradigm. The ground level patio is simply astonishing… Congratulations to the team.


    loved every square inch!

  • marko

    Because nude concrete sounds so much better than exposed concrete! (:

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  • How to Get Six Pack Fast

    Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that forum who told me to visit your blog :)

  • Nick Downes

    Loving 'House 2 / Eduardo Berlin Razmilic' (via @archdaily) #architecture