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Interior Surfaces and Materials

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Editorial: (by Christian Schittich) Timber and bamboo in their natural tones; strictly, geometrically ordered with minimal, clear detailing, create an elegant, almost meditative atmosphere in the Onsen Hotel bathhouse by Kengo Kuma. Contrastingly vibrant and energetic is the appearance of a restaurant in Zurich by Burkhalter Sumi with its flowing forms, strong colours and covered surfaces. At first glance, the contrast between the two examples could hardly be greater – but they do have something in common: both classes demonstrate contemporary interior architectural designs which are striking, direct responses to specific assignments. The use of forms, building materials and lighting enable architects to create remarkable atmospheres, whereby the selected surfaces for walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings play decisive roles. It is with these materials that design becomes reality; materials determine the atmosphere of spaces with their surfaces, colours and textures. Users of buildings. Users of buildings come into direct contact with a building´s interior surfaces much more so that its facades. The perception is immediate; he can touch and feel them and even take in their scent. Thus the visual and haptic, the acoustic and the olfactory qualities of materials acquire great importance and weight. Do they appear matt, or do they reflect or absorb sound; are they glossy or silky, transparent or shimmering untreated or coated? The emotional qualities of materials are also capable of affecting us; they can attract or repulse us, play with our associations, awaken memories or intellectually challenge us.

Index Designing with Materials Christian Schittich Material Summary of Projects Apartment in Oberlech Delugan Meissi Associated Architects, Vienna Holiday Apartment at Attersee Atelier Ebner + Ullmann, Vienna Apartment Renovation in Berlin Behles & Jochimsen, Berlin Hotel “The Emperor” in Beijing Graft, Beijing

Floor in “Hotel Puerta América” in Madrid Zaha Hadid Architects, London Guest Pavilions in Olot RCR Architects, Olot Hotel “Gianza-Onsen-Fujiya” in Obanazawa Kengo Kuma & Associates, Tokyo Parish Centre and Youth Club in Thalmassing meck architects, Munich

Multimedia-Pavilion in Jinhua Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Vienna Theatre in Zurich EM2N, Zurich Theatre Agora in Lelystad UN Studio, Amsterdam, B+M, The Hague Casa da Musica in Porto OMA, Rotterdam Architectural Documentation Centre in Madrid Aparicio + Fernández-Elorza, Madrid

Film and Visual Media Research Centre in London Surface Architects, London Artist´Agency in Berlin ANGELIS + PARTNER, Oldenburg Dentist´s Practice in Berlin Graft, Berlin Design Concepts and Surface Qualities of Dry Construction Systems Karsten Tichelmann The Design Scope of Melamine-Resin Coated Surfaces Heinz Peters Stores: Labelled Worlds Natalie Marth and Karl Schwitzke, Designburo Schwitzke & Partner, Dusseldorf Use of materials in shop design moysig retail design Fashion Store “Maison Kouis Vuitton des Champs-Elysees” in Paris Carbondale, Paris Shop in Barcelona EQUIP Xavier Claramunt, Barcelona

Fashion Store in Berlin Corneille Uedingslohmann, Berlin Shoe shop in Amsterdam Meyer en Van Schooten, Amsterdam Shoe shop in Rome Fabio Novembre, Milan Linden Pharmacy in Ludwigsburg ippolito fleitz group – identity architects, Stuttgart “La Rinascente” in Milan Department Store Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, London Wine Tasting Tavern in Fallbach Christine Remensperger, Stuttgart Restaurant and Bar in Zurich Burkhalter Sumi, Zurich French Restaurant “Aoba-tei” in Sendai Hitoshi Abe + Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Sendai Restaurant “Georges” in Paris Jakob + MacFarlane, Paris Interior Surfaces and Materials Christiane Sauer Multi-materials Claudia Luling and Philipp Strohm Architects – Project Details Authors Illustration Credits

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