Brick House / Marcio Kogan

© Nelson Kon

Architect: Marcio Kogan
Location: Sao Paulo,
Co-Author: Renata Furlanetto
Collaborator: Fernanda Neiva
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler, Renata Furlanetto
Project Team: Beatriz Meyer, Carolina Castroviejo, Eduardo Chalabi, Eduardo Glycerio, Gabriel Kogan, Lair Reis, Luciana Antunes, Maria Cristina Motta, Mariana Simas, Oswaldo Pessano, Samanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski
Landscape Architect: Renata Tilli
Structural Engineering: Leão e Associados Engenharia de Estruturas
General Contractor: MVC Engenharia
Site Area: 960 sqm
Project Area: 780 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Nelson Kon

For the little house, StudioMK27 received an unusual request: the clients wanted a house with opaque corners, without glass panels meeting at those corners. The result would be, first of all, a construction that is more enclosed than most of the office’s projects which seek the greatest transparency possible, on all the facades.

ground floor plan
first floor plan
© Nelson Kon

The smallest dimension of the lot is the front. It was decided to place a single volume perpendicular to the street, turned entirely to the side. The front façade is blind, constituting the “house without glass corners” desired by the client. On the ground floor, looking out to the pool and to a grand terrace through a glass curtain of sliding doors, there is the living room, dining room and an office. On the upper floor, also facing an open terrace, are the bedrooms. All of the intimate area of the house is protected by brises panels that can remain completely open and offer a magical aspect to the folding wooden wall.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

The house is named after the bricks that were taken from demolitions. The aged recycled blocks give a more rustic and more robust appearance than new products and the history is impregnated in the material even before the house is used. Besides the concerns relative to environmental comfort, ever-present in the history of modern Brazilian architecture, such as the use of terraces to shade glass facades and sun protection with brises, the little brick house incorporates more technological precepts, such as solar energy panels arranged on the roof.

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  • SIR

    Mighty, mighty. Just lettin’ it all hang out.

  • amonle

    Dear Marcio
    Please tell us who makes your sliding doors.


    • Sudar Khadka

      its a custom aluminum fabricator from brazil
      his name is kiko esquadrias

  • Dennis

    absolutely fantastic building! well done

  • Dennis

    not so sure about that chandelier though.. doesn’t suit the house in my opinion

  • Chris

    Since when is 780 square meters little?!

    This guy gets a lot of mileage out of compressed horizontal planes, raw materials and brise soleil screens. I guess he’s found his style… (or his clients found it for him)

  • frank

    …”For the little brick house, StudioMK27″… LITTLE???? This kind of affirmation in a country where 40% of population lives under the poverty line makes me sick. I am not against this kind of architecture (high budget arch), but do not try to tell me this is a small housing program. MK and their rich clients = good architecture with really good budgets.

    • Tom

      I think that there was a problem in the translation of the text from portuguese. The right would be ‘little-bricks’ house or something like that.

  • Gândavo

    Every time I see this kind of comments on high bidget Brazilian architecture i always read somethig like: “Scandalous! How dare you? These people should go back to the favela wich is their rightful place!”

  • b


    • Thomas

      Ofcourse it isnt. It’s not built in Brazil or designed by a brazilian architect. It’s polish architecure… probably! Who do they think they’re fooling?!

  • Thomas

    So it’s “hip” to be hatin’ on Kogan now? Hehe…

    Building this house probably gave work and pay for a lot of people including some very good craftsmen.

    • Leonardo Ximenes

      And they were all really grateful to have a $3/h temporary job.
      By the way the client probably brags about the low wage he paid the laborers, the same way he brags about the fortune he paid for the paintings that will cover those walls.
      I think Kogan is extremely talented…I just lament such a talent is exclusive to rich politicians and entrepreneurs in a country that needs it applied to the common good.

      • Gândavo

        ops… Wrong brazilian architect.
        You should look for Oscar Niemeyer. He’s the one who stays away from politicians and only works for the common good. Kogan works for his clients. Shame on him!

    • kristina

      word. such fine, fine craft.

  • jw

    so beautifully detailed. the textures of the material bring in a perfect balance to the more rigid floor plan. i would love to see some shots of the kitchen and bedrooms!!

  • nibe

    stop complaining about brazilian poverty and all the rich motherf***ers hiring architects to build their houses. nowadays brazil is an economic power heading to be the fifth economy in the world, so there’s lots of people with money there.
    if you want to make a difference, grab a machine gun and start shooting everyone around you because we’re already 7 billion and counting…