Banco Ciudad Headquarters / Foster + Partners

© Foster + Partners by Methanoia

Yesterday, we shared Foster + Partners‘ master plan for the West Kowloon Arts District.  Today, we’re bringing you Foster’s first office headquarters in .  Working with construction firm, CRIBA S.A. and local architect, BBRCH-Minond, Foster + Partners recently won the competition to design a new corporate headquarters for the Banco Ciudad of .   This huge headquarters, which will occupy an entire block, will incorporate a series of ‘villages’ that are connected by exterior circulation routes through patios and courtyards.

More images and more about the new headquarters after the break.

© Foster + Partners by Methanoia

The undulating roof seems to be floating gracefully above the entrance plaza, leading visitors directly into a full-height atrium.   Terraced office spaces are organized around this main space, all benefiting from natural daylighting and enjoying beautiful park views.

© Foster + Partners by Methanoia

As the area has recently been identified by the city’s government as a center of technology, this new bank seeks to provide a functional corporate entity that incorporates the latest sustainable features.  These include utilising the exposed thermal mass of concrete soffits with chilled beams for cooling; and reducing energy demands through shaded facades, which are oriented according to the path of the sun, and by encouraging natural ventilation.

© Foster + Partners by Methanoia

David Summerfield, design director at Foster + Partners, commented, “The plans will create a sustainable, distinctive headquarters for the bank, while drawing on the site’s industrial past to reinforce the unique character of the neighbourhood.”

© Foster + Partners by Methanoia
© Foster + Partners by Methanoia
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  • joe

    It looks like an airport terminal with more floorplates squeezed in, but it’s a very elegant building. More beautiful renderings from Foster’s team.

  • Brett

    These are amazing renderings, what program is this???
    -Very nice project too, light construction that works so well.

  • isla

    many of foster’s renders are maid by vyonyx, a young visualisation and architecture firm, here their website with many content for download:

    • irishbeardy

      i think Vyonyx are the real stars of those images and not the building, what amazing renders.

    • erroneous

      while im not 100% sure of these renderings, i would say the majority of fosters renderings are actually dbox. i should know…i worked on many of the foster images. they excelled at working us to death. thanks again for the great memories, foster…

      • Christian

        F+P has many renders supplier. Some of them had been mentioned here.
        Another important studio is Methanoia (
        which have made this images. If you enter to their website you will find many F+P renders, as Saha Hadid and Phillippe Starck as well.

  • happy_robot

    I think it looks pretty casual, but yet light and elegant.
    Me like ))

  • Param

    hey isla

    thanks for that link .
    these guys have great free tutorials

    do u know more place where i can learn visualisation stuff .


  • Fosterito

    I cannot mention the company that made the renders but sorry it was definetely not Vyonyx this time…

  • isla

    i don’t know if is or not vyonyx this time, but they’re definetly using the cut out people and trees for free download on their website.

    param: if u speak spanish i recomend , of course you must be a cinema 4d user…

  • isla

    those for basic notions about after render with psd.


  • Roberto
  • Agustin

    Hi all, the renderings definatley have been made by METHANOIA
    Thanks everyone for the interest in knowing who is the company that has been developing more than 600 images during the past year. Regards, Agustin.

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