Eucaliptus House / Andre Eisenlohr


Architect: Andre Eisenlohr
Location: Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, Brazil
Colaborator Architect: Cyssa Martins
Consulting structural engineers: João Carlos R. Neto
Contractor: Luciano Silva dos Santos
Client: Rancho Santo Antonio
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Andre Eisenlohr

Located on a steeply sloping terrain, the residence is deployed parallel to contour lines, within an area of forest reserve in Campos do Jordão, Sao Paulo, and has 50m2.

Designed for a couple, the plan is simply organized, in just one floor, where the bathroom divides the bedroom from the couple’s living room, which is integrated with the kitchen.

floor plan
© Andre Eisenlohr

The view of the valley is facing the south side and is fully exploited by large glass panels that give access to deck. On the north side of the street the view is protected, with low windows that allow the incoming sunlight so that the heat is stored during the day in a passive manner, without compromising the privacy of the couple.

With the proposal of building a sustainable and environmentally correct, the design incorporates materials and construction techniques that minimize the maximum environmental impact.

© Andre Eisenlohr

Relevant strategies of design were used, such as the use of passive solar energy in the gaps, thermal insulation between the walls (rock wool) and solar panels for water heating (with gas system on board as support). We used planks of pine reforestation treated in an autoclave in the outer covering and OSB as internal coating, including the bathroom (with a acrylic waterproof membrane. In the structure, were used pillars treated eucalyptus beams and jatoba Apuleia leiocarpa, and floor and deck Muiracatiara from areas of sustainable management. The roof is composed of tiles with excellent thermal qualities to region.

© Andre Eisenlohr

95% of the leftover material was used, allowing the composition of the kitchen wall (remaining pieces of cedar from coverage structure), kitchen countertop and cabinet (old sign for the farm), bathroom countertops and pine trim (left from the outer facede covering) for the hot water tank and closing the spa.


The angle of the pillars, which promotes the feeling of spaciousness in the cabin, is possible due to the metal connectors that attach to foundation, thus isolating the pillars of moisture from the soil.

© Andre Eisenlohr

Bracing for the structural steel cables were used 3/8 “vertical (face south and the north face) and horizontally (just below the timber floor, giving both security and flexibility to this simple structure and lightweight.

The main beams of the roof using the system of “beam wagon” developed specifically for this project in order to win the gap of about 7m without the need for a central pillar, leaving the free space and ensuring that the beams remain straight, even allowing an adjustment where necessary.

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  • Dennis

    very nice building. i love the TV underneath the bar, very clever! :)

  • Scott

    interesting…materials fit in well with the surroundings – although it seems very exposed on the hill top. using the posts as columns fits with the forest but it isn’t in the forest. it’s almost as if a developer cut down all the trees around it to build it. there is something about it that feels very unfinished though. the design and detailing seems a little loose.

  • lentexx

    lovely purety of design and materials.. exellent Andre!!

    • Andre Eisenlohr

      спациба :)