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Beginning an Architecture Library

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© Leo Shieh
© Leo Shieh

As the long days of summer are sadly coming to an end, architecture students across the world will be heading back to their universities and preparing for their next studio projects. While the upcoming semester will allow students to master the latest digital modeling programs and perfect their physical modeling skills, the value of reading architectural books (whether they be reference, theory, etc.)  should not be overlooked.   We found a few lists of books that are categorized as “the essentials” for any architecture student. For instance, Amazon.com’s list includes: Le Corbusier’s , Steen Eiler Rasmussen’s , Norman Potter’s and Marc-Antoine Laugier’s . ArchiNinja’s list includes Matthew Frederick’s , by Editors of Phaidon Press and by the Center for Environmental Structure Series.   And, About.com Architecture’s reference list includes Sir Banister Fletcher’s , Willem Van Vliet’s and James P. Cramer’s Which books have you found most helpful in your student or professional career? Share with us the books that are vital pieces of your architecture library.

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