Augmented City: the future of Augmented Reality in Architecture?

Augmented Reality amazed us over the last few years, evolving into something beyond simple visualization.

Augmented City, a video by Keiichi Matsuda, envisions a future on which AR interfaces are part of our environment. We have seen some interesting examples on visualization, installations, and even as a marketing tool.

How do you imagine a future on which AR is incorporated into the spaces we design?

Seen at MAKE, via @chr1sa

Cite: Basulto, David. "Augmented City: the future of Augmented Reality in Architecture?" 11 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    Great article…it reminds me of a book I read called ‘Everyone in Silico” by Jim Munroe..There are similarities although Munroes book revolved around the marketing aspect of the crossover and how the world would become completely one big advertisment where people could choose various levels of digital advertisements that would surround them.
    interesting stuff

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    sorry, why is technology making life ‘DISGUSTING’?
    I think modern medicine and sanitation both do pretty great jobs of removing some of life’s more disgusting and awful facets from our experience.

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      i agree brilliant chris, shetu u are absolutely correct about technologies making our lives easier, as we grow in this world where advancements develop so fast , it’s difficult to keep up and use them wisely, and that’s where it might seem disgusting, as you say. did you notice the happiness in their faces,.the question is whether its because they have reached the point of controlling technology and feel happy about it, or where its a dummy look they have if brainwashed. id like to believe the former!

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    Technology is great. The only problem is that sometimes it might be so interesting that we miss out on other things. Things such as personal relationships, silence and physical experiences. I would like to hear your thoughs on my comment. I often struggle to take a break from all the cool technological gadgets around me.

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