PC-1 / Pb Elemental Architecture

The guys from Pb Elemental Architecture sent us their latest house in Queen Anne, .

More pictures & architect’s description after the break.

This single family residence responds to the clients’ desire to live in a dramatic and well-lit space. Translucent sheets enclose the major living spaces resulting in an abundance of natural light and an interior wall that changes with the weather. The 2,850 sf residence consists of three levels with an 850sf ADU (accessory dwelling unit) and two-car garage on the lower level.

Cite: "PC-1 / Pb Elemental Architecture" 07 Oct 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=7150>


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    really nice!

    Would be even nicer to have a floorplan of the 2nd floor.

    I hope it’s not done yet, otherwise they either ran out of creativity or budget when designing/building the fence.

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    I wonder how they got the shower and tub fittings on that glass wall… am I misreading the bathroom picture? It’s really confusing to understand what’s going on there…

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    TPenteado…It almost looks like that bath pic has been photoshopped. I can’t figure it out either. The fittings are probably mounted on glass with a substrate.

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    Bathroom: I don’t see any photoshop. Looks as if the glass wall (enclosing tiled-floor tub space) is reflecting the rest of the room. I don’t think the shower/tub fittings are on glass, just the grey painted wall?

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    What are those joints between the grey cement board wall in the bath? I have been longing to use cement board (Hardie or similar) as a bath wall for some time, but never knew what to do with the joints to keep it waterproof. These guys seem to have figured it out…

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