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Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects

  • 01:00 - 4 August, 2010
Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects
Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects, © Christophe Picci
© Christophe Picci

© Christophe Picci © Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel © Quentin Jeandel +30

From the architect. Galilée is one of the debut projects realized in the UDZ (Urban Development Zone) Andromède, in Blagnac, near Toulouse in France.

The particular urban details of this UDZ in Blagnac provided a unique climate for the development of a quality architectural project.

The aesthetic of Galilée results from a combination of an interpretation of these urban rules, the immediate aeronautical context, and from the environmental requirements given in the specifications of the UDZ.

© Nicolas Borel
© Nicolas Borel

The plan is centered on two distinct buildings which are connected by a long white concrete veil. The veil, the primary visual feature of the overall plan, blends vertical and horizontal motions as it slowly curves in a helical movement.

This veil achieves the double feature of insuring the continuity between each building while allowing one to discover the rear landscape in all its depth. Thus this long concrete helix, which recalls the aeronautical context of the site, both protects the building by marking the front of street as well as welcomes us by its inviting view.

Two covered buildings wrapped in special insulating material and canopies, modulated according to the illumination, confer on the operation the environmental characteristics HEQ. A unique formal style distinguishes and individualizes these buildings. Nevertheless, the coherence and balance of the whole is maintained by the homogenous treatment of the façades.

© Nicolas Borel
© Nicolas Borel

The difference of shape and the resemblance of materials make fraternal twins out of these two buildings, which works to maintain options for future users of the space. That is, the distinctions between the buildings would allow multiple tenants to maintain an air of individuality while at the same time the continuous architectural themes provide an appropriate environment for one single occupant.

A central square constitutes the central space, the place of privileged pedestrian access towards both halls. The square is slightly heightened to allow for a level of half-buried parking lots organized around a central garden with natural air circulation. A large white concrete form looking like a shingle offers space for bikes within the landscape.

© Nicolas Borel
© Nicolas Borel

The sun shade, a major element of the façades’ composition, bring the bright comfort crucial to the offices and open-spaces of the building. For fire access, on the side of the building, the sun shades become delicately blurred on certain windows, allowing openings for the appropriate safety officials.

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects" 04 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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rivail · May 12, 2011

eu adoguei essa arquiteturas

hilosdecolores · April 21, 2011

Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects | ArchDaily vía @archdaily

Heidi · September 03, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Darius Le · August 27, 2010

Check out Galilée, designed by Studio Bellecour Architects.

Juan Cristobal · August 09, 2010

The link to the studio is wrong, this is the right one

Knut Eric Wingsch · August 06, 2010

Galilée, Toulouse, France / Studio Bellecour Architects

victor blanco · August 05, 2010

what a great building!

FP · August 05, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects | ArchDaily

URBAIN trop URBAIN · August 05, 2010

L&#39opération Galilée, un immeuble de bureau de la ZAC Andromède, non loin de #Toulouse: très bien référencé

Katsudon · August 05, 2010

I like it although i'm not super found of it, but at least i'm very pleased to see the high quality level achieved in the details in more and more projects in France!
I would say a decade ago onlt few investors would have seen the interest in putting more money into the details except for exceptional projects.
Well done!

Guy · August 05, 2010

One of the best pieces of architectural sculpture i have seen in a while

rs · August 05, 2010

Im interested in the veil wall as a structural element. Alot of forces are acting on that, yet it remains paper thin, and the building structure appears to me minimally impacted. Hats off to the structural engineer! Learning from Felix Candella - Nice.

artur wojak · August 05, 2010

its art on building very radical, if U need a backside wall so make it. but this wall is like frontside. curve the buildig if u want softness (or an nespresso)is of course not bad and nice to see but we shouldent forget wa need also reasen for waves, hm better not exagerate! its like a big dialog of we shoulden forget art on buildigside;-) therefore its like cool.

Paula Lopes · August 04, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects : - offices building

Architecture+Molding · August 04, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects: Architects: Studio Bellencour Architects Location: Toulouse, France Archit...

mohamed anes · August 04, 2010


Architekt R V Scholz · August 04, 2010

#architekt Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects: Architects: Studio Bellencour Architects Lo... #in

Leila Tomaselli · August 04, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects via ArchDaily - © Christophe Picci Architects: Studio ...

Albert · August 04, 2010

Well speaking of why architecture is dead
Do you really see a "unique style" here which "individualizes" the buildings?

aardman · August 04, 2010 10:23 PM

Who says architecture is dead?? What a ridiculous notion.

dezign_bot · August 04, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects: © Christophe PicciArchitects: Studio Bellencour Architects Location: Toulo...

Bocetos Digitales · August 04, 2010

Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects: © Christophe PicciArchitects: Studio Bellencour Architects Location: Toulo...

Albert · August 04, 2010

Reading: "Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects | ArchDaily"( )

rental_watanabe 2.0 · August 04, 2010

?archi info? Galilée / Studio Bellencour Architects #Office_Buildings (archdaily) #rental_archiinfo


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© Christophe Picci

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