In Progress: Flowing Gardens / Plasma Studio

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About a year ago, we shared one of our favorite Plasma Studio designs with you – an International Horticultural Fair Complex.  The project is a large master plan that blends architecture, landscape and circulation into one system using a network of organic paths.  Four major buildings and a range of smaller interventions are scattered within the landscape.  The studio has shared recent construction photos with us, and more renderings, that we’ll share more with you after the break.

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This exposition is the next major event is hosting after the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai Expo.  In just under a year, Plasma Studio had to design the 37ha complex and being construction.   Plasma Studio led a strong team in order to accomplish the project in such a short time frame.   The team included GroundLab (Landscape Urbanism), LAUR Studio Beijing and BIAD with additional consultants Arup and John Martin and Partners.

© Plasma Studio

The Expo will open in April 2011 and attract an estimated 200,000 visitors a day.  Read more about the project here.

© Plasma Studio
© Plasma Studio
Roof Plan © Plasma Studio
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  • milanda

    Rubbish equals fortune and fame – these are futuristic times!

  • Pusti Lisac

    Too complicated and not enough complexity.

  • xavier

    watching this makes me ashamed to be called an architect. this type of project represents the utter ignorance of the soulless

    • dashen

      exactly, soulless

  • JuiceMajor

    Oh, am always excited when their works get build. Looking forward to see the final product!

  • Liam

    terrible. nothing more 2 say

  • up_today_arch

    Future comes…:) real professional challenge… Nice site and very impressive building…

  • Nicolas

    It’s kind of funny that the location is not stipulated.
    China, crazy, construction, short delay, … seems to be enough.
    Here all the projects we have to do are crazy (each of them in their specific ways) and with a short delay. It’s not a surprise here.
    The main info it’s being built.
    I would be interested to know what was the involvement of Plasma Studio after the DD phase.