Stribrna Skalice House / Prodesi | Domesi

© Lina Németh

Architects: Prodesi | Domesi – Pavel Horák
Contractor: Domesi, s. r. o.
Floor area: 133 sqm
Project Year: 2009–2010
Photographs: Lina Németh

The task was to build a contemporary weekend house. Our client wishes to spend mainly free weekends there, however during summer they might stay longer.

floor plan

From the original cottage only a massive stone basement has been preserved. It serves as a basis for a concrete slab, which supports cantilevered parts of the new house. The house has been designed as a modern structure (“two by four“ system).

© Lina Németh

Windows are faced partly to the north (access road) but mostly to the south (river). This protects the client’s privacy from nearby houses and also provides an amazing river view.

The wood facade cladding is made of non-treated larch. Some parts as well as the roof are covered by tin sheets.

© Lina Németh

In the interior there have been used materials with low logistic and energy needs. Almost the whole house (except e. g. the fireplace) has been furnished by local firms and contractors. Most of the furniture has been designed uniquely for this project.

All construction time including basic furnishing lasted for 3,5 month.

Cite: "Stribrna Skalice House / Prodesi | Domesi" 15 Jul 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
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  • sk

    What an ordinary house, I guess what is the reason to publish it on archdaily. Nothing new, nothing elegant. I am sure there was a huge effort of this architect to appear right here. Less PR, more architecture please.

    • Thomas

      What an ordinary piss comment. Bet you’re one of those who just loooove Zaha Hadid’s “craaaazy forms” and dont know who f.ex. Louis Kahn was. “Nothing new” makes you sound like a spoiled fat little kid that has nothing new to stuff your hole with. Go make something better… or something “new”… if you can… which you dont.

      • Scott

        Agreed, it is much harded to design something sensible with good scale and proportions than some abstract super building that has nothing to do with it’s context. The wood and scale really make this building feel comfortable and quiet in the woods. While it isn’t my favorite design ever, I still find it quite appealing and a good effort.

      • R Goldschmidt

        I like the house, but I’m not agree with you. Zaha, like Khan change the course of architecture. But come one, don’t compare both of them in here. Khan never build such thing like this house. And by the way, I don’t like Khan concrete bunker who don’t fit everywere, the same thing and for Le Corbusier with La Tourette monastery with the “best” integration on the site. Please, I hate the unsentimental architects (starchtitects) who build bunker to live. I don’t deny Corbusier other works, theory, life style builder. I understand that you hate crazy forms. I don’t hate it, I like the conection between art and architecture, but when is well fit in strong aestetic argument, proportion, good integration on the city life or the site where is build, can be easy to read and understand it. Prodesi | Domesi sorry to comment this on your project. You did a great work with this small house. I like it, seems to fit well in tho the czech artistic spirit. I like the Living room with the fire place in contrast with the ascendet stair. Good job!

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  • SPUD

    wonderful house, pleasing proportions and architectural concept. ridiculous comment by “sk”. keep up the great work!

  • Enzo Gorlami

    Thomas – I was thinking the exact same thing reading Sk’s comment. Completely missing the point (and beauty) of this project while looking for something novel.

  • jiri k.

    Really nice and natural house – congratulation!

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